Is it better b popular or blend in with the crowd unnoticed?

Question by : Is it better b popular or blend in with the crowd unnoticed?
hi world!!! im 14 yrs old and im not really sure if im popular or not? Does popularity change u or does it even effect ur life at all? Is it better to b unnoticed or popular? How can u tell wen ur popular? GOSH!!! so many Q’s so lil time haha lol:) but im not sure whether to b or not to b…u know popular!

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Answer by Kate
You don’t get to choose sweetheart.

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  1. Laura says:

    Blend with the crowd, keep a low profile. People feel threatened by leaders and might envy you and cause you a lot of problems. I would try to avoid being noticed.

  2. Alina says:

    Heeey. I’m 14 too. And I learned to ignore that type of stuff. Popularity really doesnt matter, especially in school. Also, you dont have to be “popular” to be unnoticed. Being yourself is the MOST important. Nothing matters except for being yourself. Dont ever change yourself for anyone, you are your own person. Popular means having friends who care about you. Not attention, and being rich and wearing pretty clothes like in the movies. It may seem like everything to be popular now, but what about when you graduate school? You’d all move on with your lives, and it doesnt even matter if you were “popular” or not. When my mom was in school, there was a really popular person in her class. After they graduated, she saw them working as a cashier at a gas station! Be yourself and follow your dreams and find yourself. It doesnt matter what others think about you or what if you’re “popular” or not. Get the right friends and do what you love.

  3. ausferred26 says:

    “Popular” people are just called popular because they make their group of friends known to everyone. They also like to reveal and flaunt everything that goes on in their group. Usually a “popular” individual cannot stand independently of their group. Be yourself and get to know yourself… you will see that life is much more rewarding and meaningful when you humbly do your own thing instead of chasing after cookie-cutter personalities.

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