Is a sugar free cookie a cookie?

Question by fore_play545: Is a sugar free cookie a cookie?
I dont think it is because it has 2 extra words at the begining and sugar free cookies dont have sugarwhile a cookie does

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Answer by Zebra4
Cookies are cookies, unless you’re in the UK, then they’re biscuits.

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  1. droid says:

    and thats why its called a SUGER FREE COOKIE

  2. Krissi says:

    hence the name

  3. shahrzad29 says:

    well if it doesn’t have EXTRA sugar, its a cookie. but no sugar? EWW!!!!!! LIFE WONT MAKE SENSE!

  4. Lovely says:

    SUGAR FREE COOKIES ARE NOT COOKIES!!!!!… they are immitation things that should burn in the sun!!

  5. tofu says:

    A cookie tastes good. A sugar-free cookie tastes like crap and sometimes gives you stomach aches if you eat too many.

  6. cutiepie11 says:

    it has sugar it is just broken down so many times that they say it is sugar free… i am diabetic :( it is still sugar!!! but it is a cookie just a less tasty one LOL

  7. Bazil says:

    do you really need to know the in’s an outs of a ducks A**hole?

    what possible difference could knowing the answer to this question make in your life..*negative rating*

  8. Skyler789 says:

    They’re still cookies.. they’re just sweetened with artifical sweetner, like Equal (which uses stuff like sorbitol for it’s sweet taste). It’s still a cookie. And a nice treat for people who are diabetic but still have a sweet tooth. :)

  9. Graydon902 says:

    “Sugar free” cookies are still sweet because they have a sugar substitute in them, like Splenda or aspartame.

  10. David_A says:

    Technically, yes; a cookie is basically baked batter, and there’s no hard and fast rule that it has to be seasoned with ANYTHING, not even sugar.

  11. I_Hiss_Therefore_I_Am says:

    The logic of a rocket scientist. I bow to your wisdom. ☺

  12. pikeruss says:

    I was wondering the same thing about the cookies in my PC. What about chocolate chip cookies. (Two extra words).

  13. batraylover says:

    Not all cookies have sugar. The word cookie in itself means a small flat cake made of sweeted dough. Since their are many sweeteners in the world today that are artificial, and are not made from sugar, then a sugar free cookie can still be considered a cookie. Sugar isn’t a key ingredient in cookies, a sweetener of some type is.

  14. Lover of Animals says:

    just because it doesnt have sugar doesnt mean it is not a cookie

  15. whiteafrican01 says:

    perhaps your right. perhaps a sugar free cookie is really a bisquit

  16. thirty_something_mom says:

    Yes it is still a cookie..

  17. Micah L says:

    yes it is a cookie it is just, maybe healthier than normal cookies.

  18. Ricardo Quaresma says:

    idk, thats a good question

  19. sherockstn says:

    It’s still a cookie. What else would it be?

  20. amateurgrower says:

    yes but it doesn’t taste good

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