Irish Wolfhound Training – How to train an Irish Wolfhound

Learn how to train a Irish Wolfhound here: Irish Wolfhound training will be easy if …
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. DrDrumTutorial says:

    this video is amazing

  2. rmusic007 says:

    cool video

  3. MrLee7819 says:

    kudos. nice vid.

  4. Richard Twitty says:

    This video is the reason i watch youtube!

  5. dickmillertits says:


  6. kerrkek says:


  7. ClaireTheElephant says:

    i keep thinking this was on christmas eve…when it was rlly on 23d. lol confusing xxx

  8. ClaireTheElephant says:

    who else is getting all christmassy…. cant wait for this yeaars christmas vlogs :)

  9. Laura Qualter says:


  10. Michelle Neumann says:

    I love you guys Anna and jofee u are awesome people

  11. beautybylucy says:

    Her cheeks are so chubby

  12. lolo17henderson says:

    cookie dough =^_^=

  13. Jessica Cervantes says:

    Cookie dough ❤

  14. LoveToBeHealthy says:

    Jofus, it’s I Will Wait not I Won’t Wait!

  15. greeneyes482 says:

    Can we get the recipie for these amazing cookies??? YUMMY!!! ;)

  16. TheGirlygirl987 says:

    Cookie dough

  17. Valentina G says:

    We also made cookies on the 23rd : Vanillekipferl and Nussecken :)

  18. misscupcake011 says:

    I prefer cookie dough x :)

  19. Alice Green says:

    you made me hungry when you where making them i prefer dough :P

  20. Monsterkat1 says:

    Finally I can watch in full 1080p

  21. Jen70x7 says:

    cookie dough :)

  22. EdenDespina says:

    I wanna make cookies like those!!!!I don`t care so much about the taste,I just like the preparation.

  23. Emma Redmond says:


  24. laura kelly says:

    cookie dough

  25. Furby22784 says:

    I felt bad for Jofee when Anna kept telling him he was spreading the dough wrong. I’m not the best cook ever and it makes me sad when people do that to me. :(

  26. Pbctatertot23 says:

    Cookie dough but not too much of it! :)

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