In the mood for cooking, what shall I make?

Question by Lisa: In the mood for cooking, what shall I make?
I want to try something new so does anyone know any good
Cup cake recipes? Or muffins? Cookies? Brownies? Ect I need different recipes :) doesn’t matter if complicated

Thank you in advance

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Answer by Goerge
Use this as a cake or cupcakes with for your frosting. Sinfully delicious best shared with family or friends.

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  1. Gemmmaa says:

    So you want cooking or baking recipes?

    Below are some good links for baking/cooking recipes, good luck! :)
    If I were you, I would check every website below! I tried to find good ones for you with unique food ideas such as rainbow cake!

    ^^ LOOK HERE! Many amazing recipes especially!–2562/homemade-ice-cream-cookies-and-cream.asp

    Well I hope you like these recipes! Good luck! Since it didn’t let me put as many links as I’d like, so I included some in the sources, even though they’re not sources! Enjoy :)

  2. lake living says:

    strawberry cup cakes with cream cheese frosting,

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