Never trust a man in a green hat. Click for Behind The Scenes: Created by The Station Extra Channel: Follow Our Twitter: Become a Fan on Facebook: Starring: TimothyDelaghetto- Lindsey Reckis Brian Singleton Green Hat Man by Payman Benz Directed by Chris Darnell Written by Becky Bain http Edited by Harrison Brown PA/Sound- Jonathan Na Blake O’Neal Executive Produced by Benny & Rafi Fine-

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  1. undds says:

    wth that’s the girl from reckless tortuga

  2. superrogiebear says:

    They didnt eat the cookies cause they are tsale! :P

  3. Hybridat0msk says:

    “Bad luck and (extreme) misfortune will infest your pathetic soul for all eternity.”

  4. massflight21 says:

    what restuarant doesnt?

  5. niamhthecrazygirl says:


  6. juan torres says:


  7. AbosluteInfinity says:

    PSHH 9% tip in california not cool

  8. ikkel33 says:

    I only get one cookie, and it always say. “You will soon find love.” BUT IT NEVER COMES TRUE!

  9. Teh1337geek says:

    thai smile

  10. mohamed ali says:

    Magic cockies :)

  11. Marvisification says:

    shit, that viddeo actually scared me for a bit

  12. August Nielsen says:

    JON F***ING NA!!

  13. BlindHumor says:

    Ain’t that the chick from the Psycho Girlfriend series?

  14. iRafael123 says:

    tims parents restaurant :D

  15. Bamondi1990 says:

    2:20 White dude dead… Imma get dafuq outta here! LMAO

  16. MyCommentAccount6 says:

    2:22 RICK!!!!!!!!

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