iJORDAN DOES: WatchUsLiveAndStuff Foreign Candy Bars Taste Test! PART 2

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Hope you enjoy part 1 of 8. Let us know if you enjoyed and want us to do these on the other old zombie maps by leaving a comment down below and also let us k…
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  1. iJordan says:

    @desinycutie014156 Haha! Thank you! He’s actually one of my most favorite
    youtubers! … One day i would absolutely love to do a meetup, but right now
    its kinda impossible… Hopefully one day though!

  2. Spock S'chn T'gai says:

    Y so many dislikes:(

  3. Kacey Aguilera says:

    Love your videos!!! I was wondering what u use to film and edit your

  4. Dini Nurmaya says:

    Stop drinking vodka

  5. SamIAmHD says:

    *breaks teeth eating chocolates*

  6. sarah pokecrafter says:

    I’m ur newest sub

  7. john marston says:

    i hate you daims awesome

  8. Akimbo Yutes says:

    that would be jokes man!!!!

  9. Samir Luqman says:

    The foreign man says, a bit like Simon says

  10. Thecrazyzombie says:

    Can you play on moon that would be great :) 

  11. TheEpicBritish says:

    What do u use to edit your videos

  12. Josuscus3000 says:

    Wow its been a long time since i’ve seen your videos, your doing good man!!

  13. Ashley Wood says:


  14. VirtualDan says:

    Old School Zombies: Der Riese – Part 1 w/ Foreign Man

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