If one day you can genetically alter your baby before he is born, would you do it?

Question by Terry the Klown: If one day you can genetically alter your baby before he is born, would you do it?
Genetically alter, as in the baby will only have your best genes, but not foreign genes. For example if both parents are Asian they can’t have a baby with blue eyes.

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Answer by poems
Yes I’d make sure he’s really smart, heterosexual and has a large penis. Put him ahead in life

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  1. Jesus Shat says:

    Yes. I’d make it as severely mutated as possible. As an experiment, you know.

  2. Bored Lord says:

    No…I think it is unfair…

  3. Chuck says:

    nope…goes against God…why would i want to look at a baby who looks nothing like me…i want to see me and my husband in my baby…not a genetically enhanced version…

  4. KatieKat says:

    Nah. I like surprises. :D

  5. Rai A says:

    I’d ONLY consider it if there was a particular horrid genetic disorder in the family – and even then there’s no guarantee I’d do it.


  6. Feathered Serpent! says:

    I would make sure its has an excellent immune system , healthy body and a good brain.

    But I think the cosmetic stuff about making the baby look pretty is dumb, the child can just get nanobots to rearrange what he looks like when he is 16.

  7. U Shoulda bought a Fern instead says:

    Heck no! Every child is very special & unique in *their own* way, not my own way. I want my children to look however they are going to look. I don’t want cookie-cutter future.

    However, I am a big fan of genetically altering children in the womb in order to prevent diseases. If they can alter the genetics of a child that will be born with down syndrom and that child can be born perfectly healthy without down syndrome then awe hellz-to-the yah.

    Imagine all of the birth defects that could be erradicated? It would be miraculous.

  8. liwmld says:

    no, it’s wrong. it’s like playing God.

    besides, you’d always be second guessing, i wish i’d had him with this attribute. i wonder if we’d chosen differently if he wouldn’t have ended up killing all those people. stuff like that.

    it’s just wrong. it’s not up to us.

  9. puredagnastyevil says:

    I like to think my best genes aren’t expressed.

    It keeps me humble.

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