I want to make cookie bouquets for a party,?

Question by Julie B: I want to make cookie bouquets for a party,?
but I’d like to make the cookie flowers ahead of time. How long do you think they will stay ‘good’ for in the freezer? Also, I’d like to know what flavor of cookie you like besides sugar..cookie must be pale or white in color like a sugar cookie, as I will be decorating them..but I’d like to mix up the flavors a bit. Maybe just add extracts to a basic sugar cookie dough?

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Answer by Steve G
The coloring Idea is perfect, but if it doesn’t pan out then why not a Royal Icing dip to the face and then you could paint to your hearts content, you’ll have a blank canvas or a surface that’s bondable before it hardens. Depending on the ingredients for you dough you’re looking at a freshness factor of about 2 days in open air. Good Luck

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  1. cryllie says:

    well, I’ve never done this but a quick web search shows lots of commercial sites and plenty of inspirational pictures; with a little persistence I found the sites below, which give how-to advice and recipes. I would really advise using a base glaze which dries hard, and then adding detail decorations on top just before you deliver them…have fun with this and gee, I’d like to see how they turn out!

    best wishes,

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