I want to make chocolate chip cookies?

Question by Allie: I want to make chocolate chip cookies?
I want to make chocolate chip cookies, and I was wondering if there was a substitute for vanilla extract. My mom can’t drive me because she is busy taking care of my brothers. Any suggestions?
Well, I made them. You could tell that is was missing the vanilla. But it still tasted fine anyways. So I don’t know which answer to choose.

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Answer by peace.love.party.
u dont have to put it in there it doesnt make a difference i didnt have vanilla extract when i was making chocolate chip cookies one time so i tried it out and it still tastes the same

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  1. Wiss says:

    I had this issue the other day. I added another egg yolk and a bit more sugar. Vanilla is just a flavor enhancer and is not nessecary. Add more chocolate chips too and everything will be just fine :)

  2. Toni says:

    You don’t need to add vanilla extract, I don’t. You can just add some more chocolate chips and it’s all good :)

  3. nickipettis says:

    sort of.

    you can leave it out. You can use water.
    or You can use a flavoring you like, like almond, rum, whatever.

    just don’t use a flavor that you think would clash with chocolate.

    Lots of people like orange and chocolate together, but i can’t stand that combination. Anyway, orange extract is a flavoring some people would like.

    BTW – it will mostly add smell, not taste to the cookies.

  4. Kris L says:

    Just don’t use any flavoring if you want regular chocolate chip cookies. If you want a ‘mint chip’ cookie add mint flavoring, or you could use rum flavoring, or any of the fruit flavorings. Add the same amount of water as you would flavoring if you don’t want to use any, though, so the consistency is correct when the cookies bake.

  5. Jaye says:

    no but when you find out let me know!

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