I want to make a large heart-shaped cookie for my husband but I do not have a heart-shaped cookie pan?

Question by Trix_R_not_4_kids: I want to make a large heart-shaped cookie for my husband but I do not have a heart-shaped cookie pan?
However, I DO have a heart shaped cake pan, Would I somehow be able to press a thin layer of the cookie batter into the cake ban and bake it into a large cookie? Do you think it will work?

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Answer by babysisterchrissy
make a bar cookie recipe and use the cake pan.

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  1. zentoccino says:


  2. connanza says:

    youre shlt out of luck…no just do it.

  3. helplessromatic2000 says:

    It will def work. And you will have the best time eating that cookie!

  4. ***HDK*** says:

    yup it will definatly work, just be sure to check it often to make sure it doesn’t burn and maybe lower the oven tepmerature a little bit. It will take longer than a normal cookie to bake. The only difference between a cookie pan and a cake pan is the height of the sides. You could also use the cake pan as a giant cookie cutter and then put the cookie on a normal cookie sheet, but I’d just make it in the cake pan if your only doing one.

  5. Valley R says:

    Of course .. use the recipe for ‘pan cookies’ on the back of the Nestle Chocolate Chip bag.

  6. Ohkg says:

    i dunno coz u never show me the pan

  7. _xoxo_prayerbear_xoxo_ says:

    -It would work, however it would need more time and less heat.
    -It might be best to go to walmart and get a cookie pan. Isn’t a large cookie- kinda equal to a small cake.
    -You might want to try a cake. Then u could be more creative.
    -Can you roll out the dough in a cookie form and then bake?
    -Bake a thick circle cookie and then cut into a heart.
    -That is very nice of you to do for your hubby. Good Luck.

  8. the cynical chef says:

    Roll the cookie dough out into a circle on waxed paper and either cut a heart shape by hand or create a cutout paper stencil to cut around. Then transfer heart to a cookie sheet.

  9. ....11..... says:

    Just form the cookie dough to the desired heart shape and put it on a cookie sheet. I think that would work just fine. I am going to try it now myself, because I think that’s a cute idea.

  10. Callie~A Stardoll person says:

    Really simple. Make the cookie you would make a regular one (also known as round!) And, make it 1” bigger than what you want the heart to be. Bake. When it’s done, take a SHARP knife and cut it. If it isn’t sharp, it’ll start shredding, &, you know…it won’t be straight. I would say, if you can draw well, draw the border w/ jelly. Then you can cut.

    Good luck!


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