i need to make a foreign dish for spanish class tomorrow!!?

Question by Toby: i need to make a foreign dish for spanish class tomorrow!!?
ok, in my spanish class, we have to make a foreign dish, and it has to be a dish, not like cookies. and we dont eat till like 2 o clock,so i need something that wont spoil or get soggy. can i have a interesting idea please? it can be from ANY foreign place, not just latin america. and its due tomorrow. thank you!!!!
oh, and no mean and no fried!
CRAP, not “mean”, meat!

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Answer by thewifey2086
Taco Salad , is delicious and easy to make

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  1. kattsmeow22315 says:

    I have a rice dish that is very easy and very good. Take some chopped green peppers and onions and brown them with some oil in a pan. At the same time cook some rice, either minute rice or the 20 minute kind. When the peppers and onions are soft, mix in the rice and 1 can of Hormel’s, Chili with NO Beans, mix all together…it’ ready. Enjoy. Great with Tacos or taco salad.

  2. Tapestry6 says:

    Well I am hoping you have refrigeration available no matter what you make you can’t be carrying it around with you all day.

    You could do something as simple as frying up some wontons and add sweet and sour sauce over them.

    Take burritoes add refried beans and green onions roll them up and serve with sour cream on the side.

    Taco chip with salsa. Or fry hamburger with garlic salt mix with cottage cheese and add a bottle of Catalina dressing and crushed barbequed chili chips over it all when its time to serve.. instant taco salad!

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