I need a recipe for cookies or something really good for person with diabetes?

Question by Amberle: I need a recipe for cookies or something really good for person with diabetes?
I want to make this old man something good for Christmas I know he likes pizza and cookies any ideas for somebody with really bad induced by drugs diabetes?Please help Thanks

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Answer by reddhotz2000
search yahoo for diabetic and cookie recipes and that should keep you busy for a long time.

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  1. rikfreese says:

    As a diabetic, I know that a lot of standard recipes can use non sugar substitutes.

    Use Splenda for baking cookies, non fat chocolates for cookies as well, nonfat cheese for pizzas. Use fat free milk as well.

    Your a thoughtfully nice person to ask ahead of time. Merry Christmas to you & your friend.

  2. stootsma says:

    Hi there,

    there are a lot of really good sites that have sections for diabetes. I know as gestational diabetes is a big part of my life just now, 7 more sleeps to go. My Dad and partner both have it too.

    My Dad is too high and my man is too low. So for Dad it is sugar free and my Man gets extra sugary stuff.

    Check out these links. They may give you some good ideas. There are lots of yummy treats for those who should not have the real deal.

    Hope that helps.

  3. Mrs.Burr says:

    I dont know anything off the top of my head, but you could try bakeing with Splenda, it is suitable for diabetics, and is sweet as sugar. give it a try :)

    you could also make oatmeal-cranberry cookies, make em like oatmeal rasion, just use crasions instead.

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