I have Chocolate Chip Cookies and i am using them for st patrick’s day is there anyway i can make them more…

Question by ~gina~: I have Chocolate Chip Cookies and i am using them for st patrick’s day is there anyway i can make them more…
St patrick’s day-ish
please help thank you

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Answer by foxpaws
You can try putting green frosting on them, or green clover sprinkles. Um…use MINT! Yeah, it’s green (I think. At least some are…maybe). Chocolate Mint chip cookies! I’m trying to think of something that’s not oo messy nor too sugary/unhealthy. I’d definitely go with the mint, or stick like decorations on the cookies, or something like that. Or get chocolate coins, take a black cauldron-shaped dish, and you have a pot of Gold-with chocolate chip cookies! Hope it helps.

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  1. Orpah--spelled it right! says:

    add green food color to the batter.
    use green M&M’s or green Kissables instead of plain choc chips.
    put three small blobs together to make a shamrock shaped cookie. Or if you want a really LUCKY cookie–four blobs.

    Be sure and kiss the blarney stone! UPSIDE DOWN.

  2. Stacey G says:

    Why not add some green by serving them with mint chocolate chip ice cream? You could either let the ice cream get a little soft, and then place a small scoop between two cookies to make ice cream sandwiches (put them back in the freezer for a bit after you have assembled them to let them firm back up) or just scoop the ice cream into bowls and serve each with a cookie — crumbled into a topping if you like — as a sundae. Alternatively, you could ice the cookies with a little green frosting, or just serve them up on a big green plate for a really easy alternative. There are loads of inexpensive green plastic plates and platters at all the stores right now. Good luck and happy SPDay!!!

  3. Laura says:

    tint white frosting green and make cookie sandwiches with it


    frost the cookies with white frosting and dip them in green sanding sugar

  4. eilishaa says:

    Use a shamrock shaped cookie cutter, or put the chips on in a shamrock pattern

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