i have a question about cookies?

Question by Kayla: i have a question about cookies?
Why do people like cookies and ice cream better than broccoli and asparagus? I bet i can guess which one is healthier….COOKIES!

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Answer by i.luv.caprisun:D
hmmmm thats a toughiii i love cookies too *virtual-high five*

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  1. Magiacalcatgirl says:

    Cookies aand ice cream taste better and NO ONE like the sound of broccoli and asparagus..

  2. nicholsy says:

    people like them because ice cream and cookies taste better

  3. blondie618 says:

    becuase its sweet and they know its not healthy

  4. ♥Jennifer Jeter says:

    Cookies and ice cream are life!

  5. martin says:

    Cookies taste better….simple!
    But I like broccoli as well!

  6. Victoria R says:

    b/c it tastes better!!

    lol, that was a thoughtless question, but glad i could help??!

  7. curious says:

    coz the are sweeter and have smoother textures and a sugar rush is addictive.

  8. Soph B says:

    Erm… probably because broccoli and asparagus are good for your health and anything that is good for your health is not enjoyable.
    Cookies and ice cream are the best especially mixed together…

  9. SkaterBoy ☠ says:


  10. MIZZ_COOKI3 says:

    I think people like cookies bcuz its sweet and taste good. And they dont like vegtables bcuz theytaste nasty somtimes. Take it from me… i know COOKI3S and icecream

  11. Coco says:

    because cookies and ice cream are sweet, and they are dessert! I think people like sweets more than they like veggies!!!

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