i have a mirro cookie press…?

Question by Ann C: i have a mirro cookie press…?
but i have lost the instruction book. I know there is a recipe that used confectioners sugar. I have searched the web, does any one have one of these that would be so kind as to look up the basic recipe or does any one know where i can get the book again? i have tried www.mirro.com and it is a broken link. Thank you for your help in advance.

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Answer by Peapop
There are some recipes also on this website…

Do not chill the dough first or it will be too stiff to push through the press.

- Do not grease the cookie sheet – the cookie dough needs to ‘stick’ to the sheet when it is pressed out. If using a non-stick sheet line it with parchment paper. Clean the cookie sheet and cool completely before using for the next batch.

- To use the press, load the dough into the tube, place the plunger into the tube on top of the dough and then turn the screw (or push the plunger, depending on your type of press). Push the dough straight down onto the sheet and stop pushing out dough as soon as the dough sticks to the sheet. Pull the press up and away from the cookie to release it. If making long shapes, use the press at an angle and press dough onto the sheet until the desired length is reached

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  1. piemaker says:

    i suggest looking on the Martha Stewart Living website. i believe she has a recipe for cookie press dough. any dough recipe for a cookie press should work – you may have to play with the weight of the batter for your particular press. i am still using a press my grandmother had in the 1940′s – no recipes with it, tho.

  2. Lance H says:

    I have the 28 page booklet. I will go to town, photocopy (black & white) & mail a copy for US$ 5.

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