I found that randomly flipping a coin sometimes and making a decision can take a lot of stress out. What is th

Question by Devan: I found that randomly flipping a coin sometimes and making a decision can take a lot of stress out. What is th
I found that randomly flipping a coin sometimes and making a decision can take a lot of stress out of decision making. What is this effect called? If i were make a product based on this, would people buy it? What products currently exists based on such ideas? I know 8 balls and chinese fortune cookies,all of which tell something about the future, as in luck or something far off and are not concerned about decision making. Btw,i also found this to be very controlling of my life. I wanted every decision to be taken with a random number generated(RNG), not necessarily like a coin, but some RNG that generates a number between 1 and 100. What such products are already available like that, that target decision makers?
I guess some people dont understand the question. In life, obviously, u cannot know all the factors. Even if you judge the pros and cons, you may only come to some probability of making a decision. That is you may feel it is 90% worth to make a decision like go drink coffee and 10% not to. However, if you always choose the 90% feel, you are doing 100% of the time, which is worth less because you may also gain from 10% of not drinking coffee. So, this device seems to take the choice out of it. Anyways, i hope someone here has some understanding of math to understand game theorectic view point of mixed strategies, ie sometimes in life, there may be no best answer, but an answer that combines two good answers by some ratio.

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Answer by AdamKadmon
The effect is called “slacking.” Because, in fact, YOUR NOT MAKING A DECISION, BUT BASING YOUR ACTS ON A COIN TOSS. Only by weighing pro’s and con’s of your actions can you “make decisions.” Your bypassing that and not getting any maturity out of it at all. At this rate, you’ll be on Xanax, Prozac or something even stronger within the next few years. Do yourself a favor. GROW UP.

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  1. bballking4221 says:

    Sorry my answer doesn’t have much to do with any of your questions… it’s more of a comment: I find that when I flip a coin to find out which option I will choose… I often find that I truly did want something more than the other. For instance, I am choosing between watching a movie or reading a book and it lands on heads: reading a book, and I find myself disapointed, thinkin, “Darn, I wish it would have been tails, watching a movie.” So then I watch a movie. It’s kind of interesting. Sorry this doesn’t help you at all.

  2. kittenwhiskers456 says:

    Try reading Luke Rhinehart’s ‘The Dice Man’. It’s a book about a psychologist who lets a pair of dice make all his decisions. It’s a good read and quite interesting and funny at points. It also shows what ends up happening to him.

    Apparently a lot of people in America believed this to be real and he has quite a following. Even music has been made using the ‘random’ theory.

    I’m not sure people would buy such a product, the whole point is you can use anything to come up with random numbers, but if you’re talking about selling a philosophy it’s already out there!

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