I bake cookies as gifts for Christmas, but I need a new way to package them. Can You help please?

Question by James’ Mom: I bake cookies as gifts for Christmas, but I need a new way to package them. Can You help please?
I make dozens of cookies for friends and family. I’m tired of using the same old Dollar Store tins and plastic containers. I want a new idea this year. They are basically chocolate chip cookies that I make, but I need a new presentation. Any ideas? Thanks!
I want to find a way to say to my family, “WOW! You are so special to me!”. No more tins. Something different. Anybody know any good websites for this? Thanks!

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Answer by PeachPunk
Try Sellophane bags and tying some ribbon around it so it sticks out all pretty at the top, of course this offers less protection to them being crushed, depending on how big a risk that is.

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  1. angelique says:

    Try decorative plastic platters and wrap them in various colored plastic wrap. If you don’t want them to show through wrap them in gift wrap or fabric. I have used liquor tins or popcorn tins.

  2. plumdumplings says:

    Wrap in cellophane and put in colorful chinese takeout containers http://www.magicwandweddings.com/bagsboxestins.html – actually that site has some other nice ideas, too – including glassine envelopes – which was going to be another of my suggestions ;)

    You could try to find some very plain, inexpensive mugs and put the cookies in them (cellophane and ribbon to finish).

    Have you thought about something other than chocolate chip cookies? I love them – my favorite cookies of all times – but they aren’t the most attractive cookie – iced sugar cookies, gingerbread or colored layered cookies, etc. look exceptionally lovely just wrapped and tied. Or make some other classic cookie (snickerdoodles?) and alternate them with the choco chip to make it more interesting.

    A little bit of pretty ribbon goes a long way!

  3. awommack says:

    jar contanter

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