I am looking for some innovative yet traditional dishes to serve for Thanksgiving?

Question by wickedchef: I am looking for some innovative yet traditional dishes to serve for Thanksgiving?
Our Thanksgiving here in canada is in 3 weeks, and although I could scour the recipes I have, I thought you would have some ideas that are just as good! I am having 14 people for dinner, and want to have a Turkey along with another meat, like a stuffed pork – no ham please.

Everything from appetizers and stuffings through to desserts – all from scratch. What do you think the perfect fancy meal would be?

What can you guys come up with?

Thanks, Mole – but Ham is Pork, yet Pork is not always Ham – Ham is more a style of cooked pork.

Anyway, your recipes sound really interesting, and I think I’ll email you!

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Answer by mole
wow hats off to you! i would cook the turkey on a grill outdoors to free up your oven for the other meat. pork is ham by the way. most common second meat served would be salmon.

appetizers would be king crab legs (if you can afford it), sliced veggies with a choice of dill dip, spinache dip, ranch dip etc., oyster stew would be a good opener, cooked shrimp, sliced dill pickles, sliced meat with cheese and crackers, olives,

desserts, molten volcano cakes, pumpkin pie, apple crisp, peach cobbler, berry mix cobbler, pecan pie, ginger cookies, red velvet bars, peanut butter cheese fudge,

fruit salad bowl of diced fruit, cornbread stuffing with raisins. green bean casserole all sorts. if you need recipes just email me, i have a bunch plus the ones i found on the website below

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  1. mamabear84 says:

    As a soup course, try a butternut squash soup. It is creamy and delicious and perfectly thanksgiving. It gets a dollop of savory whipped cream on top and looks beautiful on the plate.

  2. carmen d says:

    I also enjoy cooking for a crowd. When I am at a loss or need to add something new to the menu I check with Martha Stewart almost all of her recipes taste great. I say almost because there are a few seasoning that I just can’t seem to like, no matter how hard I try. Check out her web site and you will get some great ideas if you don’t like the ingredients use the ones that you’re comfortable with. I hope I was some help.

  3. Jane says:

    anything with puff pastry…the famous martha stewart thanksgiving special (her first tv show ever) had her wrapping the whole turkey in puff pastry…

  4. tottie3 says:

    turkey, smoked turkey, or barbecued turkey, mac and cheese, sacatash, yams, or sweet potatoes, dressing with oysters, deviled eggs, mashed potatoes, sweet corn, peach cobbler,, banana pudding, pecan cake, or lemon cake, pot roast, um i am getting hungry.

  5. lj3 says:

    This isn’t healthy in the least, but it is delicious and looks just as fancy as a regular turkey. Ready?

    Deep-fried turkey! I’ve had it at my last few Thanksgivings and it’s oh-so succulent, flavorful and tender. A real family favorite.

    Below is a great site to check out if you’re interested in the how-to. It includes recipes for marinades to inject into your bird.

  6. Maganda says:

    You cook vegetable soup. It’s easy….. 3 cubed carrots, pinely cut celery, stripped cabbage, 2 chicken cubes, 5 cups of water,… boil them and add 3 beaten eggs. Stir and serve!

  7. timetraveler says:

    A Stress Free Thanksgiving
    Keys :
    Ingredients :

    Method :

    * Thanksgiving dinner is the biggest meal of the year, and if you start getting ready early, your feast can be as perfect, and you can be as relaxed, as the Thanks-giving scenes you’ve been covetously gazing at in glossy magazines and television commercials. While there are some things, like roasting the turkey, that just can’t be done until the last minute, many things can be done days or even weeks in advance. With complete shopping and prep lists, and a freezer full of side dishes and pies, the big feast will come off without a hitch!
    * Lists, lists, lists! Start making lists early, and you will save yourself a panic attack down the road. First, plan the menu. Next, make a list of all the kitchen equipment, serving dishes and utensils you’ll need for each thing. If you don’t have the pans, bowls and platters you need, buy or borrow them now. If you notice that most of your menu needs to be prepared in the oven, consider choosing different recipes that can be prepared on the stovetop, in your slow cooker, that don’t need cooking at all, that can be prepared ahead of time, or that you can ask one of your guests to bring. Next comes the shopping list. Keep this one with you at all times for the next several days so every time you remember an additional item you can scribble it down. After the shopping list comes the kitchen timeline and preparation schedule. Work backwards from the time you would like to serve dinner.
    * Get Everyone Involved! Let each member of the family in on planning the menu.
    * Everyone has favorite dishes they look forward to; you may even be surprised to realize there are some dishes that nobody likes. If people participate in the decisions, they’ll be more excited about helping, too. Make lists of what each person can do to prepare. If your invited relatives and friends offer to bring something for the dinner, let them. If they don’t offer, ask them. Appetizers, bread, salads, dessert and beverages all make good bring-along dishes.
    * Freeze! You can start your cooking now! Here are some things that will freeze beautifully: Bread or bread dough, piecrust dough, unbaked fruit pies, baked pumpkin pies, cooked sweet potato or squash casseroles, cheesecakes, soup, cranberry sauce and turkey stock (made with separately purchased legs and wings). Most frozen items will need a day to thaw in the refrigerator, then all you need to do is heat and serve them as usual.

    A Great Thanksgiving Turkey!!

    Ingredients :

    18lbTurkey, (18 to 20)
    Salt & pepper, to taste
    2tblGarlic powder
    4xYellow onions, diced
    2canWhole berry cranberry sauce
    1cupOrange marmalade
    1×12 oz. bottl teriyaki sauce
    1/4cupSoy sauce
    Two oranges, juice of

    Method :

    * 1 Handful mixed fresh herbs (sage, rosemary, parsley etc.) Clean the turkey well and dry completely. Season the entire bird with salt, pepper and the garlic powder. Spray a large roasting pan (preferably one with a lid…or you can use aluminum foil) and the inside of the lid with non-stick cooking spray. Place the onions on the bottom of the roasting pan. Set the seasoned turkey on top of the onions.
    * In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the cranberry sauce, marmalade, teriyaki sauce, honey, soy sauce, the juice from the oranges and the water until well blended. (Stuff the juiced orange rinds inside the cavity of the turkey for moisture!) Pour the mixture over the turkey.
    * Place the fresh herbs on top of the turkey. Tightly secure the lid or cover the pan with heavy-duty aluminum foil. Be sure to cover tightly to keep any steam from escaping the pan.
    * Roast the turkey at 425 for 3 hours. Do not open the lid during cooking! After 3 hours of cooking, reduce the oven temperature to 350 and remove the lid or foil from the pan. Also, remove the herbs from the top of the turkey and discard. Continue roasting the turkey, uncovered, for about 30 minutes more or until the turkey is golden and cooked through completely. (To test doneness: the meat between the leg and thigh, when pierced with a fork shows clear juices escaping.)
    * Allow the turkey to rest 20 minutes before carving.

    Apple Pie – a Great Canadian Thanksgiving
    Keys : Canadian Canada North American
    Ingredients :

    2 1/2cupflour
    sliced apples

    Method :

    * Mix together until it forms a fine grain mixture.
    * Add enough water so it will stick together and roll away from the side of the bowl.
    * Roll out one piecrust.
    * Filling:
    Put piecrust into pie plate.
    * Slice apples into pie shell.
    * Fill pie pan to top with apples.
    * Mix together 1 cup of sugar and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and sprinkled over top the apples.
    * Roll out top piecrust.
    * Place on top of apples.
    * Flute edges.
    * Bake for 1 hour in oven.

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