How to train my 4 year old dog to play gently?

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Question by luvmydogs: How to train my 4 year old dog to play gently?
We have recently adopted our second dog, Rex, an untrained 4 year old Belgian Shepherd.
During the past 2 months he has learned to sit, stay, drop & paw. Our problem is getting him to play gently with our smaller dog, Cookie.
Rex plays very rough when he gets excited & continuously tries to grab her left leg & her neck. He’s obviously making up for lost time as he never had much social contact with other dogs, but we would love for Rex to play gently with Cookie. We would appreciate training tips to help us rectify this problem.

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Answer by jorgeumv6
well all you need to do is get a toy that he likes once he starts doing it. it’ll destract him and he’ll stop

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  1. sonyasun says:

    I posted something very similar when I brought a new puppy home a couple of months ago.

    First, I adopted a younger dog from animal control at 6 months old, and when he was around 9 months we found a new puppy that needed a home and loved her. They got along great inside the house, but when my older pup tried to play, he did the same, grabbing the neck skin(lots of loose skin on the big new puppy), “biting” the legs, chasing. I was always having to separate them, but I also let them back together. You don’t want to separate completely, because they have to learn how to play nice, and if you take one away, it just takes longer for them to figure it out.

    I’ve had my new puppy around 2 months now and things have changed a lot. Before when they ruffed each other up, my older boy was getting puppy teeth marks and they wouldn’t stop out of so much excitement. NOW, they play and use soft mouths, and even though it looks ruff, it’s not, and they will stop every few seconds to look around walk etc, and go back to it. They are gradually calming down.

    I highly recommend walking them together everyday, making sure they are both beside or behind you. This is bonding and teaches them to be calm around each other.

    Make sure you do not let them play if your Rex(I adore BS by the way) is not aloud to ruff house with Cookie. BS are wonderful dogs, I had one in my younger days. They are very smart and playful, but have a lot of energy and like to work. Find an outlet for him, teach him games that release that energy. Do frequent training sessions! They are great for agility, as well as search games(find the item.) Find what excites Rex and work him! That should really help in him being more gentle with Cookie. I don’t know what kind of dog it is, but BS are high energy, so you will have to account for that if you want a calm well mannered dog, and is possible! =]

    My pups now, a mutt and an american pit bull, they share toys, sleep together, eat near one another, chase in the yard, and the only time I have any issue is if I can’t walk them in the morning, and naturally they are more hyper and I have to watch them. Over excitement can lead to a fight, even if you have great dogs, so just make sure they play by your rules and not theirs. DOn’t let them play the minute Rex gets too rough, he will learn soon he can only play in a calm manner.

    Some dogs though LOVE to play excitedly, I would recommend you find him a well mannered play mate around his size, he needs to learn manners and that’s how it will happen faster. Even with my boy doing this to my younger pup, at the dog beach he learned he manners and never touched any other dog in an excited way, it helped him a lot.

    Hope some of this helps.

    Also, when you find Rex relaxed near cookie, praise him in large amounts! Cookie too, you never know what exactly Cookie is saying to him, so finding them peaceful together is the perfect time for rewarding!

  2. K says:

    You may want to contact a trainer and ask them about teaching bite inhibition to an older dog.

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