how to storage Baking cookies more than 6 month or 1 year?

Question by GolFfy: how to storage Baking cookies more than 6 month or 1 year?
I need to storage my bake cookies. what should i do?

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Answer by tew3020
Any air will cause freezer burn taste. Get rid of air with food-saver machine what removes the air and seals pouch. Also is small device from Reynolds (not sure). It is small hand held pump, you use with special bags.
. If ordianry freezer bags are used, suck out all air with soda straw.
Must have freezer that will go down to near zero, or below.

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  1. Tim M says:

    Baked cookies don’t really keep for very long. However cookie dough freezes very well.

    Enjoy your cookies and next time only make the cookies you need, freeze the remaining raw dough until you want to make more.

  2. something fishy says:

    i freeze the roll of uncooked dough…

    frozen cookies will not taste fresh when they thaw

  3. Jerry L says:

    As a Chef I agree with the previous answer. Use a vaccum sealer and the cookies will keep for more than a year. Works great with many types of food.

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