How to put fortune into fortune cookie?

Question by Henry: How to put fortune into fortune cookie?
I’m planning to ask a girl to a dance by using a fortune cookie, but I don’t know how to open the cookie and put the fortune in without breaking it. I heard that using the microwave is a good idea, but I’ve never done it before. Anyone else have any ideas?
Hmmm nooo I meant, is there a way to take an existing fortune cookie and stick a new slip of paper in there :)
I’m not cook so yeah, haha no way I’m going to bake a cookie

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Answer by Kayla
Oh! That’s how my boyfriend (now Fiance’) proposed to me. He put the paper in with tweezers I believe. You’ve got to be super careful though! But there are some sites that do custom fortune cookies, but I dunno it you want to go that far. Hope she says yes!

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  1. Omer K says:

    You need to write the fortune on a small piece of baking paper, and put the paper in the middle of the (not yet baked- just dough) cookie. then fold the cookie so it is covering the paper, and close any small gaps and ends. Bake the cookie, and there you go!

  2. labmuttmix says:

    Buy yourself a bag of fortune cookies and a pair of tweezers. With patience and luck, you’ll be able to load one without breaking it. I don’t think that the microwave idea will work. Because the cookie is crisp, you could steam the cookie to make it pliable but it will never be crispy again.

    Good luck!

  3. Susan D says:

    There is a machine that does this. It is pretty interesting to watch.

    Actually, where I live there is a small factory that makes these. I think if I went and asked they would be able to do it for me. Look around and see if you can find a similar place where you live.

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