How to personalize this cookie jar for mothers day?

Question by yanswers: How to personalize this cookie jar for mothers day?
My mom is always baking cookies, so i decided to get her a cookie jar for mothers day. I want to personalize it somehow but i do not know what to do! I thought of glass etching but it seems too difficult and i want to do it tonight! Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!

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Answer by Marianna
u could get a tin and decorate it.

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  1. Eden says:

    If you got a jar you could stick photos, like a collage, on it and then if you wanted too you could put polish or something to protect it on.. Perhaps duraseal would work?

    You could cut out a picture of cookie monster and make it look like he is hugging the jar :)

  2. justDave says:

    what are her favorite hobbies or her favorite activities? cover it with pictures about these things. like birds if she likes to feed and watch the birds, or kittens and puppies or flowers, etc.

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