How to make Valentine cookies – how to make heart cookies

Here I show a different version of the first video I did with a cookie that fit on the rim of a cup or glass.
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以煮為樂:情人節曲奇Valentine Cookies

加拿大號角月報- 二零一三年二月: 以煮為樂:情人節曲奇Valentine Cookies 墨西哥婚宴曲奇Mexican Wedding Cookies 材料: 麵粉1 3/4杯無鹽牛油(室溫) 1杯糖粉1 1/4 杯雲呢拿香油1 茶匙鹽1/4茶匙玉桂…

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  1. Latifa Saeed says:

    LOVE THIS <3

  2. Amalia Drago says:

    Very nice work, thanks for sharing.

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