How to Make Thumbprint Cookies | Christmas Cookies

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DIY: Here is a Holiday treat for all of our fans to enjoy. We teamed up with CuteGirlsHairstyles and let the kids all decorate sugar cookies for Christmas. T…
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  1. Zee H says:

    I remember you! Loved the old videos & I’m sure gonna love these too :) 

  2. Christine Oconnor says:

    Jesus says one squeeky oven door!

  3. nikki Staxx says:

    Looks yummy

  4. ladytaffniss says:


  5. Aleksandra Mierzwicka says:

    Wow, Katie it’s second recipe from U i tried and cookies are WOW :) .

  6. KittyWhiskers2003 says:

    Second comment!

  7. 12109babygurl says:


  8. Alice Ford says:

    awww your families have so much fun :) 

  9. MissBlu95 says:

    Love it!!! The snowman’s are awesome!

  10. Show Me Cute says:

    We call her Grandma Debbie, but actually she is a really really close
    friend. :)

  11. fshionestrellita says:

    Shes trying to be like cutegirlhairstyles

  12. Marlyn Diaz says:

    we make tamales haha… well i dont but everyone else does

  13. Show Me Cute says:

    We met at church.

  14. Freya Brady says:

    Lol love the black mouth

  15. Show Me Cute says:

    I can’t believe I said that. :)

  16. 123nikkee123 says:

    ur son and one of mindys twins would make a really cute couple! (if theyre
    not related!)

  17. Abigail Del Rosario says:

    for sure!

  18. Cbeauty034 says:

    I was starving when I watched this video

  19. Ejtovey says:

    My favorite tradition is on Christmas eve, we have Chinese food

  20. Molly5045 says:

    I loved the video

  21. Olivia Berley says:

    Are you guys really not related? You look extremely similar!

  22. America Rodriguez says:

    That seems like so much fun and black braces made me laugh so much!

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