How to make the Christmas Cookie – Tipsy Bartender

This fun winter drink has it all: chocolate, a candy cane, and booze. Say hello to the….CHRISTMAS COOKIE COCKTAIL! Godiva chocolate liqueur, Irish cream, a…
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  1. InMyOwnWords4 says:

    I have the same watch

  2. goldenwingk says:

    Shes Awesome!

  3. rarebased goth says:

    ps3 is so much better than xbox360….. im originaly a pc person, but ive
    played xbox360 and ps3 alot and ps3 is bby far the best out of the 2, pc is
    just on a different grading scale all together

  4. xheatowin says:

    I want her. NOW!

  5. t1mTV says:

    @TipsyBartender fair enough, but rachel is pretty much the best girl on
    your show because she is willing to drink something that actually tastes
    like alcohol. i mean, i like tasting booze in my drink.

  6. armin3442 says:

    @souperflipz shed be smarter if she said pc.

  7. X says:

    @xlittlebear7 Xbox has more stuff for the money. PS3 has some cool stuff
    but Xbox has more because you pay for it. :P PS3′s controllers are wack as
    **** they got like sharp edges and they’re freaking tiny AND their
    joysticks bump out instead of in so your thumbs always slip off and they
    have a cheap feeling to them :P Play Station sounds like it’s for 6 year
    old’s. :D My friend has a PS3 and the controllers always break and he’s had
    to get the system fixed about 7 times now. Sure it’s “Free” LOL

  8. jkjk819 says:

    did u chill the glass?

  9. kiatiming101 says:

    you know what would been funny, if skyy had pulled out a brand new xbox
    right under the table like a black Santa clause.

  10. martianchick123 says:

    @maccajoe look this troll is not worth arguing with and thank you for
    defending me :)

  11. yudy92 says:

    How do you happen to have so many pretty girls as your friends?

  12. Cory Orth says:

    Agreed. She’s a keeper. :P . Do video where you two talk, I wanna know what
    games she’s into xD

  13. ShaxAMV says:

    @maccajoe Sorry, I don’t analyze everyone’s comment, user name and visit
    there channel before responding. Kill yourself.

  14. lilrobda1 says:

    @doncheff In what way? The only thing Xbox has over PS3 is better online
    from Xbox Live.

  15. ShaxAMV says:

    @maccajoe How bout we webcam, and kill each other on camera, and wait for
    our relatives to come find our dead bodies, then speak and cry to each
    other through webcam?

  16. Mark Mureithi says:


  17. Spy7Dragon says:

    She’s cool. Keep her.

  18. boii1531 says:

    My dream girl right here!

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