How to Make Spritz Butter Cookies

Get the recipe @ Watch how to make rich buttery spritz cookies. Press these almond…
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Make delicate, delicious butter cookies with this authentic European recipe! Perfect for the holidays, these jam cookies are easy to make and will delight yo…

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  1. allrecipes says:

    Great question. If you are not a fan of almond extract, feel free to leave it out. You can also substitute almond extract with vanilla extract. Happy baking!

  2. aa aare says:


  3. Michybakingaddiction says:

    Can we leave out the almond extract?

  4. xNehax1 says:


  5. KaitlynMarieHopkins says:

    tickles my fancy lol im crYING ahahahahaha

  6. sjsawyer says:

    My fancy has been tickled.

  7. Mandy Talbot says:

    After spending 2 Christmases in the Czech Republic, these bring back sweet memories and are now a part of my family Christmas traditions! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Prichu60 says:

    I love it,thanks for share

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