How to Make Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies

Watch how to make these incredibly popular chocolate chip cookies. In this video, you’ll see how to bake Debbi’s top-rated chocolate chip cookies. Discover the secret ingredient that makes this recipe such a winner. It’s been saved to 122000 recipe boxes. Get Debbi’s top-rated recipe for Award-Winning Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies @ Facebook Twitter @Allrecipesvideo Pinterest

To view written recipe click this link: Today I am going to show you how to make a very popular cookie in Morocco. It’s two small butter cookies sandwiched with Apricot jam. The best cookies ever!

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  1. WaitWoah says:

    id make it ….. if i had the ingredients at home,,

  2. Naeou says:

    i cut the amount of ingredients in half and my cookies didn’t flatten in the oven.. they just stayed lumps :( still were kinda chewy, but they didn’t taste as great as i had expected them too :/

  3. oiminet says:

    Any alternative for the pudding mix?

  4. Umair166 says:

    Just divide the entire amount of ingredients by 2 for 36 lol. Or divide it by 4 for 18. Or use 1/8 of the ingredients for 9. Simple Maths bruv ;)

  5. ErectMonstrosity says:

    the* willpower

  6. ErectMonstrosity says:

    I am*

  7. YAHUWAHsHomeschool says:

    Or maybe you can cut the recipe in half because everything can be divided equally that way.

  8. YAHUWAHsHomeschool says:

    Some people have to bake for school and need to have a couple dozen left over. Trust me, they won’t go to waste! :) Have a GREAT day!

  9. Brutaka921 says:

    To eat the rest of them later?

  10. MissItchyBumy says:

    you can freeze the dough and use it when ready

  11. aascottie says:


  12. charizardag says:

    This is the Recipe I always use!

  13. projectfashion says:

    i would’ve have never thought of adding vanilla pudding mix to cookie dough. what an interesting idea. i can’t wait to try this recipe out. thanks!

  14. pakman800 says:

    i already gaining weight, just from watching :D

  15. fruitcandy52 says:

    Looks great, if only i had to willpower to get out of my chair, i would make these.

  16. MyLinh1997 says:


  17. MyLinh1997 says:

    no life =)))))))))))))))

  18. arm lan says:

    Thankssssssss!!!! U are great -)

  19. PaulTheillusionist says:

    My stepmother makes me these! She is Algerian as well as my dad.

  20. houria7777 says:

    You are thé best !!!

  21. hacinaa says:

    domage que les vidéos ne soient pas en francais? en tout cas vous etes très douées, votre mari doit etre heureux

  22. Nileema Khan says:

    I was wondering if you could tell us what kind of camera you use for recording your shows? Do you use a tripod or does someone video you? i love the camera shots!

  23. bo3odotnet says:

    you say it maghreb it s morocco in arabic. there is only morocco in the maghreb all others are only batards. like algerians.

  24. Ryma7777777 says:

    it’s not morrocan it’s done in all the maghreb and the origine is french actually but thank you for the vid you explain very well

  25. Rexik007 says:

    hmm we eat them only for Christmass, shaaaame

  26. leftysergeant says:

    By the same reasoning, yeast breads would be haram. Yeast releases both alcohol and CO2, but you bake both away in the oven.

  27. leftysergeant says:

    Nice that you presented that now. I just made up about a dozen jars of apricot jam. I can see some variations that might work, like substituting almond extract for the vanilla. Perhaps dash of nutmeg or cardamom instead of your cloves?

  28. TheOneAndOnly655 says:

    Thank you so much!
    Eid mubarak! :)

  29. cookingwithalia says:

    just omit it- it’s fine.

  30. TheOneAndOnly655 says:

    Is there a substitute for vanilla extract or can I just omit it from the recipe?
    Please let me know!!

  31. zahzahrah15 says:

    @ylfriends cause it contains a low percentage of alcohol in it.

  32. jeetendrag10acc2 says:

    i knew it, your beautiful accent comes from speaking french . :-)

  33. ylfriends says:

    Why is it not Halal?

  34. ylfriends says:

    Linzer cookies! Yum!

  35. cookingwithalia says:

    it depends on the brand. you can also use vanilla powder or vanilla sugar.

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