How to Make Shortbread Spoon Cookies!

How to Make Shortbread Spoon Cookies!

Hey everyone! These shortbread spoon cookies are so much fun to make and decorate, and they’re perfect for parties too! Serve them with ice cream, and I’m sure they would be a big hit :-)

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  1. kawaiisweetworld says:

    Hey everyone! New video up on how to make Shortbread Spoon Cookies! These
    would be great for parties, especially served with ice cream! Check it out
    on my channel! :-) 

  2. CoolRiceBunnies says:

    Great video!! And you provided an excellent alternative for those who don’t
    have the mold. Thanks for sharing ^-^

  3. ChoNunMigookSaram says:

    such a good idea!!! thanks for the recipe!

  4. FunFoods says:

    OMG! What an amazing idea. Love your video’s.

  5. SweetTreats says:

    For your music, how do you not get copyright notices? Just wondering :)

  6. Allie Li says:

    My china spoons are plastic LOL 8) Asian stereotypes to the max…

    These are so cute!

  7. Brooke Dent says:

    How could I do this without the mold or the soup spoon thingys 

  8. garth lewis says:

    Your name is Rachel please reply back

  9. Tay'Jia Goodman says:

    Rachel ? is that her American name ? im confused can somebody tell me

  10. 2lnfinityandbeyond says:

    I was a little shocked when I didn’t hear the usual “hey guys its kawaii
    sweet world” at the beginning but it’s great to finally know her name. Hi
    Rachel I love your channel :) ☺

  11. themusagirl says:

    How did u do that thing where the cocoa powder got sucked up? 

  12. Miyel Hawkins says:

    Did she say hey guys it’s Rachel?

  13. SimplyBakings says:

    Rachel, these are so cute!!! 

  14. Gemma Stafford says:

    +kawaiisweetworld the only thing better then an awesome dessert is edible
    cutelary to eat it with. I love the moulds, great idea. 

  15. Sweet y Salado says:

    What a great idea! Perfect for parties like baby showers.

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