How to Make Pink Thumbprint Cookies – Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day – 2 DIY For Ep. 20

Gracie Dzienny grew up baking with her mom, so for mother’s day, she wanted to bake the perfect treat to give her! Remember in pre-school when you made a han…
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  1. julien lua says:

    She already had the latest vid. That is the tank top

  2. Sarah Vu says:

    You obviously don’t know what a thumbprint cookie is…

  3. LiveYourLife bySylwianna says:

    Is she half Polish? She’s got Polish Surname!

  4. daebalri says:

    theres a smile!

  5. daebalri says:

    try to pause at 00:59 and when your done look at her face

  6. TheSummerList99 says:

    okay I love my mom and everything, but she does not surprise me with my favourite treats like gracie said in the beginning:p

  7. Sry4partyRocking says:

    yeah but thee thumbprint got covered by the frotsting

  8. Sry4partyRocking says:


  9. Fatim Cherif says:

    And in the Netherlands to.

  10. puddenpop27 says:

    i just want to say u guys are AWESOME and i love the diys and imo

  11. nikisan831 says:

    We went to see a movie and I paid for all the popcorn

  12. jennifer yang says:

    because she pressed her thumb on the cookie didnt you watch the video ~=~

  13. Devs Douche says:

    does anyone else think she sound like Terry the Tomboy? :O

  14. marfy453 says:


  15. Addie Clark says:

    O oops I’m sorry I didn’t mean to put that lol

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