How to make Oreo Cookies & Cream gelato ice-cream without an ice cream maker (Low fat version)

This low fat spin of the oreo classic doesn’t use cream, a slightly lighter version of the original recipe. You can make this without a machine or ice-cream maker from scratch.
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  1. CookieMonsterCEO says:

    Before i go home,i go to buy oreos ice cream and its yummie!!AAH!!STILL WANTED TO EAT IT ALL!!Even my baby sister likes it too! XD

  2. 3MinuteTV says:

    Hope you are enjoying right now ;)

  3. TheSweetmorenita85 says:

    am making this right now

  4. christophierchin says:

    i love your recipe,your explain word so clear,thank you

  5. Anna May says:

    Worked perfect for me! I used golden syrup instead of corn syrup. It wasn’t that solid and it melted quickly, but it really tasted amazing! <3

  6. Junzhan Cheng says:

    help :(

  7. Junzhan Cheng says:

    It Just Turn Into Ice :(

  8. 3MinuteTV says:

    of course :)

  9. Ashreen Najiha says:

    When beating the yolks , can i use whisk ?

  10. yummmaaay says:

    idk how u could of controlled yourself from eating that ice cream every time u came to remixing it

  11. 3MinuteTV says:

    yes you may

  12. ShabeharT says:

    an you subsitute Corn Syrup for golden syrup?

  13. ShabeharT says:

    Do you have to add corn syrup or brown sugar?

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