How To Make No-Bake Cookies!

How To Make No-Bake Cookies!

In this video I show you how to make no bake cookies(: They’re super easy and really yummy too. I will be putting up a lot more cooking videos so if you like…
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We are making this for Christmas lunch tomorrow.

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  1. kiytee says:


  2. dminty7 says:

    Shveet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D 

  3. Allison Johnson says:


  4. kiytee says:


  5. Allison Johnson says:

    great video!

  6. jim lewis says:

    good demo. My favourite version uses ginger biscuits and adds brandy or rum to the cream!

  7. NguyenFamily2010 says:

    so like i put the cream and the caster sugar and electric beated it and its runny. what do i do?

  8. julianne24601 says:

    haha man are you gonna hate the news i give you then XD the recipe is on the bottom of the chocolate ripple biscuit now. You might’ve noticed by now though lol.

  9. Mett29 says:

    A nice little tip is to dip the biccies in a bit of Kahlua too…..very tasty!

  10. FreshBoyCF says:

    Nice Dude I’m gonna try this

  11. epic fail says:

    it looks YUMMY hella sweet looking but yummy never heard of chocolate ripples b4 hm… but i wonder if chocolate waffers or oreos with the cream scraped out would do just fine??

  12. Kateabc1 says:

    That must have took a REALLY long time to cover the cake with berries. o.o

  13. Emmalina says:

    nah dont put it in the freezer, it makes the cream go all hard and once its done you can cut it anyway you like :)

  14. Jonathan Fredricks says:

    would putting it in the freezer be better? and when done would u cut it like a cake?? haha dumb questions…

  15. MelunaMoonDancer says:

    I think this is a REALLY good idea. I’ve never heard of it. But, I do a lot of thanking people with food and going to parties and the ol’ brownies from a box trick is getting old. My only concern is the fruit. Is it weird tasting? Daniel said that the cookies WILL soften so I don’t each their own maybe. Worth a shot. Keep up the awesome vids!!

  16. Jennifer Marie says:

    It makes me crack up when he says stuff like “but we’re gonna do something a little bit DIFFERENT todaaay” like peeps on cookin shows mixed with someone off playschool

  17. Jennifer Marie says:

    He’s been making it for years… and it doesn’t say ‘cooking’ ANYWHERE! It says Making a No-Bake Cookies & Cream Cake

  18. Enjouchi says:

    “And we beat that till its nice and firm” ehehhehe. If communitychannel was here…

  19. pale2hall says:

    completely random, but pretty cool. merry belated christmas

  20. lengend1111 says:

    this is on an add in australia, this isnt cookn it’s putting stuff together

  21. Emmalina says:

    Yeah any kind of crunchy chocolate cookie should work

  22. gogirl929 says:

    can u use another kind or cookie

  23. MEEMER1214 says:

    yummm. looks good. i’m on my way.haha

  24. Victoria Gomez says:

    agreed. :)
    she’s got that one in a million.

  25. vintage007 says:

    What a great guy you have ;) 

  26. angelinad1993 says:

    haha i saw this on tv for an ad :)

  27. mymelodyblue says:

    nom nom

  28. davisfontanes says:

    I fancy this easy mates would dig this!!!

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