How to Make Microwave Cookies (Recipe) レンジでクッキーの作り方 (レシピ)

Do you know that you can bake cookies in microwave? Just mix and microwave! Easy enough for kids to bake ;) Cup measurement video is HERE!!! http://www.youtu…
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Making Japanese cookies.
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  1. andrealouiseenriquez says:

    it looks white chocolate… i love it thanks for posting this video ^__^

  2. Patrice Szeto says:

    It would taste buttery

  3. Manu Yahathu says:

    me and my 5 years old daughter made this…it was soooo gooood…thanks…we love your videos..keep it up…

  4. Sweetany14 says:

    how would it taste without the chocolate chips?

  5. Jack Fowler says:

    hi ochi! as always i love your videos. i was wondering, what’s the name of the singer in this video? ;)

  6. Devon Thomas says:

    Patrice I have the strongest microwave and a turn table and it worked

  7. Patrice Szeto says:


  8. Patrice Szeto says:

    Can i still bake them because my microwave is thos that has a plate at the bottom that turns

  9. Phạm Thành Phát says:

    So Fast =.=”

  10. bear livian says:

    i succeed!!So happy now^O^..tq so much for ur recipe~

  11. Sabrina Anthony says:

    It ws delicious…I added some vanilla essence…for smell :)

  12. respected84 says:

    would the eggs be cooked?

  13. K Crocker says:


  14. hk4672 says:

    I believe she has some kind of high tech, oven-microwave hybrid. You know, that kind of thing that makes you want to live in Japan.

  15. nasrinaqilah41 says:

    Looks nice

  16. Evelyn Ceja says:

    same .___.

  17. Madhu Vamsi says:

    Ochikeron your really looking funny

  18. SuperMsHero says:

    best idea everrrrrrrr 

  19. sunikota says:

    do you also bake your cake roll in the microwave? I noticed the oven looked the same….SOrry stupid question.

  20. Julia Corpuz says:

    I tried it. Yummy. Thanks

  21. ochikeron says:

    oh no. go to bed at night! haha

  22. ochikeron says:


  23. ochikeron says:

    great to hear that :)

  24. Natasha Adilla Putri says:

    It turned out awesome!It was easy to make(: Haha,thank you!

  25. Stephanie Dorleans says:

    i love how the cherry blossom look, and i would love to try those cookies. :) YUM YUM

  26. NEUMOBIKE says:

    my respects for japenese they how make lean cookies, good!!!

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