Sweet and tangy, these crunchy little cookies go great with a nice cup of tea! Ingredients: (makes about 28 cookies) 2 1/2 cups of sifted plain flour 1 egg y…

1 lemon cake mix 1 stick of margarine, softened 1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese, softened 1 egg Mix ingredients, blended well. Drop by teaspoonful onto ligh…
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  1. missball404 says:

    YUMMY!!!!! Luv anythg lemony! 

  2. PippoOfEarth says:

    Your comment is awesome!! They are pushers of the real good stuff.

  3. moomay piola says:


  4. Ellie Papanastassis says:

    Why do u need the sees

  5. rosetta10010 says:

    Can you make soft black and white cookies?

  6. Charles Catoliquot says:

    L’anglais est une langue essentielle. Que tu sois française ne change rien
    au fait que tu aurais du l’apprendre.

  7. Nicky Rose says:


  8. Lisa Kelly says:

    Read the description.. The sesame seeds are OPTIIONAL

  9. Michele Davis says:

    How do the sesame seeds contribute to the taste of the cookie” I know
    they’re pretty tasteless or mild on savory things, so are they solely for

  10. Lyndsay Wells says:

    These look so perfect Anna. just love lemon cookies! Looking forward to the
    slice on Friday!

  11. Ellie Blake says:

    But hey go for it ;D

  12. 411blah411 says:

    That’s her right hand. She’s single.

  13. shappyalegre1 says:

    I would love the recipe!!

  14. Maggi12310 says:

    Best cookies EVEER!!!! I love lemon mmmmmm,,,,,

  15. hanna khan says:

    It’s soon nice n smooth the way u cut the dough !

  16. farfalllaaa says:

    tu clic sur sous titre anglais puis tu traduis français ^^ !! c’est adroite
    , en bas de la vidéo, deuxième colonne ^^

  17. SoulSurvivorX2 says:

    Mike love lemon cookies. Will have to try this out :) 

  18. Linda's Pantry says:

    Looks really yummy Paula and you look fabulous!!!

  19. BCtruck, rebuild, repair,repurpose says:

    well arent you a sight for sore eyes!!!! Its good to see you back on the
    big screen. when should i expect my cookies in the mail?

  20. BacktoBasics Gal says:

    Yummy – Lemon is one of my top flavor favorites and Cream Cheese to boot –
    Super Yummy!!! :-) They look really good and easy to mix up. These would
    be really good with a glass of tea – Loved the size you made them – Bakery
    Sized – Bet they’d be great with the lemon glaze frosting – Thanks for
    sharing! Take Care; It’s good to see you’re back on the tube and all is
    well. God Bless. 

  21. brightpurpleviking says:

    Yay! You’re back! Easy recipe…perfect for tired days. Yum!

  22. freakygeaktwo says:

    good to see you back, I kinda figured you was resting up after easter :) 

  23. Trace O'Liberty says:

    Paula, those look fabulous! My husband would love those!

  24. Backyardhomesteader says:

    Welcome back, I love anything lemon.

  25. Terri Adams says:

    *giggle* I do that all the time too. The mixer has a mind of it’s own…lol
    Cookies look yummy!

  26. Taleulah says:

    Looks good Paula. Been MIA myself. Just too much going on. God bless.

  27. willow tassie-prepper says:

    yum yum I love all things lemon :P glad to see ya back in action xxx

  28. ladyb003 . says:

    wow, 4 ingredients…..easy enough. Thanks for sharing, take care.


    I love lemon cookies

  30. FitAnge S says:

    So easy hun! those look delicious. LOL I have done that mixer thing too
    with flour spewing out everywhere and what a mess. think everyone has at
    some point. Awesome cookies, thanks for sharing xox

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