How to Make iPhone :-9 (Egg-Free Chocolate Cookies) Recipe iPhoneクッキーの作り方 (レシピ)

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  1. leslie phung says:


  2. Thắng Tào Viết says:

    thank you

  3. Nurul Syazwani says:

    your principle,i loved’s okay~ just keep on your creative work.
    we loved matter what we’ll support you.. ^^

  4. Shigatsu Rusero says:

    Now a nintendo

  5. kyr329100 says:

    아이폰 쿠키 네요 ^^

  6. Rahimi Syaidah says:

    Hi.. Where can i get food coloring in japan please? Any store in kanto area or japan online store? And how i suppose to say it in nihonggo? Thank you

  7. Fluttershygirl1432 says:

    Never mind

  8. Fluttershygirl1432 says:

    Excuse Me how do you change your background ?

  9. a4254113 says:

    It’s very GOOD!!&

  10. shohana shoha says:

    in japan where can i get this colorful food color please help

  11. ochikeron says:

    thank you :)

  12. 지원 인 says:

    I’m alwalys watching your video well!^□^

  13. ys zl says:

    i didnt know that it was that simple

  14. ochikeron says:

    if people watch my video, youtube supports me. i am not a person who can create amazing work for money, so i thank to youtube!!! this is not a business but my hobby :)

  15. Nurul Syazwani says:

    Do you do food cooks,you sold..or you’re just a fully housewife..i mean you can make money from this.. =)

  16. Nurul Syazwani says:

    Let’s Eat~!

  17. Lauren Train says:

    iPhone 9 came out

  18. ochikeron says:

    thank u! i must redo this again in winter~ haha

  19. rmathu275 says:

    Its like a real phone!!!!!!!

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