How to Make Holiday Cut-Out Cookies

How to Make Holiday Cut-Out Cookies

Master the most popular holiday cookie with TV’s Master Chef Junior winner, Alexander!

If you’re looking to do some holiday baking for your friends and family look no further. In this series of Holiday Baking Episodes, Pastry Chef Julie instruc…
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  1. macawsj says:

    Alexander is so cute :)
    and I actually learned something I didn’t know from this :O

  2. Ann Bartholomew says:

    There was a quick tip to use refrigerated cookie dough (store-bought?), but
    if you follow the recipe, you know what’s in your cookie dough. And it
    doesn’t take all that long to make, it’s just waiting 2 hours for the dough
    to chill. :-) 

  3. Renee Mcdaniel says:

    you are an amazing chef! I knew you would win.

  4. Grammy Windy says:

    Too cute…he’s awesome for a young chef

  5. cookwithadam says:

    Will have to give this a try :)

  6. GizzzzL says:

    I like your outfit (:

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