How to Make Gluten & Grain Free Chocolate Chip Cookies – Recipe

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  1. 768Kayshan says:

    I followed the recipe on the blog which called for 2 tbsp of vanilla
    extract…wish I would’ve used my common sense on that one, but this is my
    first time to cook w/ almond flour so I decided to trust the recipe. WAY
    too much vanilla extract! Overpowered the dough w/ alcohol flavor & ruined
    the cookies. 

  2. Irene GL says:

    Isnt this recipe from the Against All Grain book? It should have been
    mentioned somewhere.

  3. ardizd says:

    Instead of all that sugar and honey, why not use stevia extract, which will
    “dramatically” reduce the calories, carbs and sugar

  4. EZGlutenFree says:

    These look delicious. And the almond flour makes them so much more
    nutritious too.

  5. kurshodbrah says:

    Mine came out soggy

  6. Lighten Up says:

    Amazing! Totally making this a favorite. Way to go both of you. Thank you
    for sharing and I loves all the bonuses!

  7. ibyl says:

    oh these look delicious!

  8. Ariyele Ressler says:

    all measurements are always on the blog/website linked in the description
    box above!

  9. Ariyele Ressler says:

    the edges are crisp and the center is soft and chewy. if you want them
    crisper, cook them longer and until they’re darker brown. if you don’t,
    take em out sooner. just like normal cookies :) also: keep them stored in
    the fridge and re-heat for the best results all week long. cheers!

  10. RolaM21 says:

    how much honey? sorry you didnt specify

  11. elmehdi bellemlih says:

    a Big hi from Morocco !

  12. lovesammers808 says:

    Making these this weekend!! :D

  13. Ariyele Ressler says:

    these are a winner! and i’m werkin’ on a cookbook, winkwink.

  14. chinkinsky05 says:

    Dear Ariyele, are these cookies crundhy or chewy? I can’t tell from the
    video. Thank you very much :D

  15. ModernMom says:


  16. Honeysuckle Catering says:

    mmm the chocolate chip cookies look amazing! and your gift basket idea is
    so thoughtful and pretty! :) 

  17. Fifteen Spatulas says:

    Food gifts are the best! I love how you wrapped them, and I bet these
    cookies are delicious!

  18. HeartofTarts says:

    I am personally trying not to add any sweeteners (pray for my survival) but
    I really wish I could get my Grandfather to switch to Truvia. He has
    diabetes and is insulin dependent. But, he has made no changes to his diet.
    Parents can be so difficult.

  19. Jaden Hair says:

    Hey girl! Had a fab time hanging out with you for sushi after my cookie
    shoot. Love that you made cookies too!

  20. Aliyah Higurashi says:

    perhaps healthier, but not “healthy”…?
    this is my personal opinion, but i don’t think less calories means it’s
    healthy. what effects does it have on the body? is it like Stevia, that
    makes people gain weight although it’s no calorie due to our body chemistry?
    also, is that huge block of butter healthy?? Leanne Bakes has a wonderful
    recipe for delicious cookies, with only 2 tbsp of butter in the entire
    I’m not trying to be rude, really. I just feel like the title is a bit

  21. Liesl Maggiore says:

    Super yummy, Gaby!

  22. Nargiz Khalilova says:

    So cute ) looks really delicious) the background is new in this video)

  23. Soni Diaz says:

    Crowdtap sent me here to watch this video and i’m glad! Such an easy and
    yummy recipe to make using Truvia!

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