How to Make Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

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  1. FishHeeed says:

    shut up

  2. KristennT123 says:

    the butter is supposed to be room temperature, not melted if you’re gonna cream.

  3. AbbieLooWho says:

    i myself have celiac disease and it can be challenging but you learn to accept it and work your way around it. i have already found a cupcake recipe that is soooo goood!!! celiacs unite lol!

  4. that1nigglet says:

    Did you read the ingredients? Nothing can taste like shit if it has 1 STICK OF BUTTER.

  5. St34DyB0y1409 says:

    your mum tasted great last night. btw tell her the moneys next to the fridge

  6. GuliblGuy says:

    Soooo, preheat your oven, mix the dough and let it sit for an hour, THEN bake? Way to save electricity HC….

  7. Eyvel says:

    basically you need a bunch of extra stuff @_@

  8. jacobandquinn says:

    a slave
    a stomach

  9. jacobandquinn says:

    munch munch

  10. BlackFly1988 says:

    omg id kill my self D:

  11. TheShuckleGuy says:

    you sir must fail

  12. J038uck says:

    lol the advertisement next to the video is about donuts the irony!!! you’ll never enjoy them

  13. AlexisViray says:

    They actually taste bettar than regular cookies o.O

  14. Bow2ThePro says:

    My Mom Can Do it :D

  15. pavilionalex says:

    i bet the cookies taste great, and you taste like shit!

  16. PunkPrincessPirate says:

    My brother has a gluten AND casein allergy, so let me tell you because I know, rice flour is FOUL. It makes everything gritty and disgusting. He just learned to live without flour-based items such as bread and cookies and cake, it was easier that way =/

  17. quttro123 says:

    ummmmmm ididnt kno chocalate chip cookies wer healthy

  18. iluvfailz says:

    lolo gluten free

  19. Ross Birch says:

    Either all of that or i could go to the shop and get a full bag for £1

  20. MiniMuffinWolf says:

    Lol, probably because they aren’t the same :/

  21. greengeekgirl says:

    You can purchase oats that are certified gluten-free, such as Bob’s Red Mill (but you have to look specially for the gluten-free certified kind). People with celiac disease are sometimes also sensitive to oats, but it’s not gluten in the oats.

  22. iRETR0 says:

    oats aren’t gluten free :

  23. MrSasyB says:

    i was going to make a Grammar Nazi comment, but I’ve had that done to me and I know it feels awful. English is not even my first language, so technically I’m not even allowed to do that

  24. kaduliho says:

    can i use almonds/hazelnuts insatad of walnuts?

  25. steph91069 says:

    Just not PEANUTS

  26. mommyandmissy says:

    You sayed be for you conuld not use nuts how can u use them now. Like what u do.

  27. Bigman240 says:

    If you’re going to use raisins, use less sugar or honey. The raisins add a lot of sweetness to the recipe.

  28. layla Luna Weasley says:


  29. steph91069 says:

    PEANUT free! we use all the other nuts!

  30. ericalonabffl says:

    i thought u were a nut free bakery

  31. YummyBaking says:

    crumboss we love u n ur director young lady ;-)

  32. lLoveGreen says:

    Also, what’s the yield for this recipe ?

  33. lLoveGreen says:

    Watching you make these was like watching magic :D

  34. Phoebe Chen says:

    Can you substitute the walnuts with anything?

  35. steph91069 says:

    I bet you could, I have not, but I think if you put another EMPTY pie tin on top of it, and weight it down while baking, it should be fine

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