How to make Gingerbread cookies

Welcome to the holidays! What is the one sweet treat that makes it feel like the holidays? Yes, family. They are sweet, but I’m talking about making Gingerbr…

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  1. kaj209 says:

    You just got a new suscriber
    Loved this video

  2. Daniel Owen says:

    How did you do this awesome Video for +lovelyladycakes ? 

  3. Rochelle ESpiritu says:

    Make moree

  4. summer Passeos says:


  5. Emilee Howell says:

    6:12 for the links

  6. Chantepy Nay says:

    Hello Anna I love all of your video so much!

  7. Eliwi says:

    Awesome video, I love these cookies! I’ve been looking for a gingerbread
    cookie recipe that doesn’t spread… it seems like this one doesn’t :)

  8. 1makeitshine says:

    Like like like I can watch u all day

  9. meganandremmie33 says:

    season finale!!!

  10. odelia christina says:

    i love gingerbread cookies

  11. lovelyladycakes says:

    @prettyinpunk666 thank you what a really cool comment..xoxoo

  12. CaliCatCrafts says:

    Super cool!

  13. Dario Witer says:

    Anna, you’ve got such gorgeous feet, my dear! YES!!!!! =D You’ve just made
    me a happy guy right now! =D

  14. CookingwithSugarTV says:

    So cute honey. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas. I can’t wait to see
    the new show. Hugs, Sugar

  15. LaNellyXD says:

    aww my neice and i were talking about how to make gingerbread cookies
    today! thank you thank you thank you<3

  16. lunereclispenerd says:

    I dont have 1.Brownsugar 2.Molasses 3.cinnamon 4.cloves(dont even know what
    that is) 5.nutmeg 6.vanilla 7.ginger can i make gingerbread cookies without

  17. Angie Styles says:

    i’m going to miss you ! <3

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