How to make Gingerbread boy cookies on Rainbow Loom

How to Make Rainbow Loom Gingerbread Boy Cookies Charms ©2013 by You can also use this charm for key-chain, backpack tag, bracelet, or …
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  1. AJ girl 2000 says:


  2. AJ girl 2000 says:

    Cute i’m gonna try!

  3. AJ girl 2000 says:


  4. Carrie Pearson says:

    could you please make one that says wyatt in black and red please im not
    sure how to do it

  5. Madison Nemkovich says:

    Is there a way to not pile so many rubber bands on the neck

  6. TheMustachifier says:

    Omg love your accent

  7. Lisa Tran says:

    Please do the minecraft wolf 

  8. Ashley Pan says:

    It turned out so cute! I made one for my brother and sister and they loved

  9. Ks Looms says:

    Did you make it up??

  10. Maddie Fan says:

    So cute!

  11. Evelyn Perez says:


  12. Theria Liu says:

    My hook broke so I can’t make it.By the way do you speak Cantonese or

  13. Olivia Harris says:

    This is so fun!! I made on in red! I subscribed, liked, and I’m giving the
    gingerbread boy to a women that is collecting gingerbread men over the
    Christmas season. Thanks SO much! Fun!

  14. Carrie Pearson says:

    could u post a video on how to make it please

  15. Carrie Pearson says:

    do you know how to do the name bracelets? justinstoys did one but dont know
    how to do that one

  16. LittleRockstat6 says:


  17. Landon Bartholomew says:

    i can,t do the port were you haft to do the butis

  18. Marty AJ says:

    it worked! i love it!

  19. ADOREbianca says:

    Love This !! I’m definitely going to try it.

  20. Susansback says:

    just made it. super precious! making another one. :) 

  21. heejee Yoon says:

    Did you name the ginger breads?

  22. Tika Carr says:

    You really shouldn’t pile on so many rubber bands on one peg like you did
    the neck. The rubber bands are so tight and they could break or break the
    hooks or pegs, especially when trying to pry them off when finished.

  23. Alexandra Herrerra says:

    You suck

  24. Emily Forrest says:

    This was awesome but do u no how to make a flamingo

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