How to make Elsa from Frozen cookies – how to hand paint a cookie

How to make Elsa from Frozen cookies - how to hand paint a cookie

A hand painted Elsa cookie from the movie Frozen. I used gel food paste color to achieve this look on a sugar cookie. The base is royal icing that has dried …
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  1. Kim Conca says:

    Simply amazing! What type of brushes do you use?

  2. dona harrisburg says:

    What brand edible marker are you using? My food writers (edible markers)
    do not have a flexible tip like yours.

  3. abla mam says:

    what kind of colors did you use to draw on them and i love the result 

  4. mackenzie breaux says:

    Great job! It must take you a while to make multiple of these

  5. Ostiole says:

    This is really beautiful, thank you for sharing

  6. hi says:

    gosh imagine making lots of theses your amaze

  7. Pasteles La MoreliAna says:

    Make it look so easy…muy hermosa decoración 

  8. Jasmine Eli says:

    OMG !!!

  9. Mónica Vel says:


  10. Michelle Sharma says:

    absolutely fabulous!! you make it look soooo easy!

  11. Shukria Iskander says:

    زير زير شون

  12. alyssapearlx3 says:

    The amount of detail put into your work is amazing! 

  13. davistl0119 says:

    I really really like this…no I LOVE IT its so pretty and cool keep up the
    good work 

  14. Jeannette Quiles says:

    are you using a projector to view the image on the cookie

  15. Cidnee Jacob says:


  16. Sarah King says:

    I can tell you put a lot of effort into this,Mary

  17. Asia Pope says:


  18. Loretta Ray Sweet Southern Cookies says:

    Oh Mary, this is amazing watching you paint, gorgeous work! ❤️

  19. Terri Dodd says:

    Oh my gosh…just found you via IG…loved seeing Elsa come to life! Off
    to watch the rest of your videos! TFS!

  20. Kumar Harry says:

    How did u get the picture an the cookie

  21. La Casita says:

    This must took you forever Mary! But there gorgeous!!!

  22. crystal jimenez says:

    For thr amount to time they took to paint they must be super expensive!

  23. Melissa Slayen says:

    Mary, I love watching this! What color did you use for her face and do you
    use gels?

  24. Rhonda Land says:

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