How to Make Edible Fake Blood & Bloody Halloween Cupcakes from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio

Read the blog post here: Learn how to make fake blood that is edible and bloody Halloween cupcakes, in this video…
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  1. Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio says:

    How to Make Edible Fake Blood & Bloody Halloween Cupcakes !

    #halloween #hallweencupcake #halloweenrecipes #blood #fakeblood 

  2. Donal Skehan says:

    These look sooo good! Perfect for Halloween! :) 

  3. TheVegetarianBaker says:

    Very cool video +Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio … Can’t wait to try these
    out for Halloween. BTW, Nice costume :D 

  4. Amy Watson says:

    Omg, yum. I’m totally making this for Halloween!

  5. Ladyjane Kay says:

    Now that was something! I could totally freak out my mom with this! 

  6. eliza masroor says:

    U might aswell as use strawberry sauce. 

  7. Monya2108 says:

    +Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio nope not scary at all 

  8. Adelina Santianni says:

    Wasn’t disgusting enough for me.

  9. gemminamakeup says:

    i just did an halloween cupcakes video on my channel ^^ came to watch mine
    too ^^ i loved yours <3 

  10. MysticMilotic says:


  11. Random Marshmallows says:

    Can you please make something harry potter themed or rmelated

  12. SingMeProMaster 2 4 9 says:

    I loved making these! I know it’s not halloween yet but I was very excited
    to make these with my mom! I love your channel! And I’m only 10!!

  13. Catriona Paterson says:

    Can you use anything else but corn syrup as I don’t think I could find that
    very easily in Scotland?? 

  14. Nat Covers says:

    Love the videos :D 

  15. Zara Zen says:

    I’ll definitely make these one day; they’re perfect for us vampire lovers
    or Dexter fans!

  16. Lexie Price says:

    Can you do a cake that represents your self plz

  17. arrabella WILLNER says:

    At the very first part over bye the side I saw the awesome spider cake and
    very creative Mrs. Jen

  18. cjay G says:

    YUM!! I love this! =D

  19. Magdalena Eggen Lim says:

    This is so bloody!! LOL Love you Jen

  20. Tamara L. Kent says:

    Very amazing video

  21. madihah maan says:

    You are such an inspiration and such a talented woman, I wish you sooo much
    support for your channel, and hope you have many more years of making
    youtube videos to come and I really wish you all the best. I hope your
    amazing channel grows even more, crystal xxxx

  22. Delia jae Benitez says:

    Hi!i did that last month for my friends birthday and friendsaru…and they
    are asking if where i get the recipe and i say that i get from the cookies
    cupcakes and cardio
    And they say they like it andit is so delicious 

  23. Mary Alvarez says:

    Looks amazing can’t wait to try it

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