How To Make Easy Monsters University Cookies

How To Make Easy Monsters University Cookies

In this video cookie tutorial I show you how to make super easy Monsters University Cookies of Mike Wazovski. DON’T BE A STRANGER, SAY HELLO. Keep up with up…
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  1. Haniela's says:

    Mint and leaf green Americolor gel food colorings.

  2. martha angelica says:

    What color you use to make the green?

  3. GonexWithxAxTwinge says:

    You sound Indian..

  4. Vaneeta Kayjay says:

    Great video, hey check out my monster cupcakes

  5. Avril Lavigne says:


  6. CupcakeCutie856 says:

    Are you polish

  7. danny adams says:


  8. theepicness10101 says:

    This is so cool

  9. DanielleDate says:

    This is great! Your control with the icing is amazing.

  10. ciara louise says:

    The way you talk, you sound depressed

  11. Maria L says:

    One more question sorry:p, but Can I use regular icing for this? Like the ones you buy in stores ?

  12. Haniela's says:

    I believe you can purchase Royal Icing Mix and then just add water to achieve the consistency you want. Wilton has Royal Icing Mix and CK products, look on pastrychef and also available on Amazon. I haven’t tried Royal Icing Mixes on cookies.

  13. Maria L says:

    Can you not buy any in stores?

  14. Haniela's says:

    Hello Maria, I’m using Royal Icing, you can find a recipe either on my blog, or look on my channel under cookie decorating or recipe. I can’t leave a link in the comment box.

  15. Maria L says:

    Sorry I couldn’t really understand, what kind of icing did you use?? My baby cousins 1st birthday is coming up & it’s going to be Monster Inc theme & I wanna try to make these cookies (:

  16. Haniela's says:

    Thanks for pointing that out, I actually missed that. I will remember that next time.

  17. Justin Mitchell says:

    His eye is blue

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