How To Make Easy Home made Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Hey lovies, who here doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies lol… here is a delicious and simple chocolate chip cookie recipe. Hope you all give it a try. Plea…
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red velvet white chocolate  chip cookies

This recipe originally caught my attention on Pinterest because of the lovely red colour and contrast with the white chocolate chips. Here is the original we…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. barebeauty101 says:

    is the brown sugar packed?

  2. dandilion253 says:


  3. dandilion253 says:


  4. squishygolfball says:

    @Kelli Danielle
    Thanks for the note just was wondering because dont have baking soda and just wondered if it was possible

  5. Kelli Danielle says:

    Baking powder will set the cookie faster in the oven, which will make it a thicker chewier cookie and the baking soda produces a more spread and crisp cookie. You can use either or depending on which type of cookie you hope to make.

  6. Lindsay Yeo says:

    ok. thx :) 

  7. FoodyTuby says:

    It’s better to pre heat first.:)

  8. Lindsay Yeo says:

    before we mix all ingredients up , do we need to pre- heat the oven??

  9. qwerty66525 says:

    Your voice is annoying

  10. HamzaVids says:

    I’m a guy and I’ll try this

  11. FoodyTuby says:


  12. asiaeighteen says:

    i am sooo going to try this one ! :)  Thank you @FoodyTuby !

  13. Aarti Khanna says:

    If we dnt hv brown sugar can we just add 2cups of white sugar.?!??!

  14. Melissa Garcia says:

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  15. TheChocolate341 says:

    Where are you from in Canada?

  16. FoodyTuby says:


  17. Contretempz Chelsea says:

    these cookies look amazing ! Definitely going to try out this recipe :) …. I’m so excited lol

  18. ETdouble says:

    And is white vinegar really necessary?

  19. ETdouble says:

    I only have gel food coloring… Is it gonna work?

  20. coolies84 says:

    I actually had did this once, and my mom experimented with me. She made cream cheese frosting and made little kisses with it. It was like a cleaner version of the cup cake

  21. iDarkSecrets says:

    Ohh. I bet these would be amazing with a little Cream Cheese frosting. ~

  22. thefrogmorton says:

    i made these and they were absolutely amazing. i’ve since made them three more times and end up eating half of the batch myself.

  23. Memoodyable says:

    Wow, I wish I coukd try but sadly I dont have any corn starch :(
    -And by the way nice cookies- :) 

  24. gleekout62 says:

    Om nom nom these cookies are delishhh <3

  25. YourSexPrincess says:

    Heey Yoyomax ! I just made thoose … they are … EXTREMLY DELICIOUS. I’m acctually 13 and I love cooking and baking. Now my all family can’t stop eating them, except the fact that they are really sweet :) But cookies are just amazing.. crunchy on the top and sooo soft inside. I didn’t add the red coloring and vanilla extract, in Poland it’s possible to get them only in the internet, so I decided to skip that things. My mum says that they are best things I ever baked. Thank you Yoyomax ! :)

  26. BucksBBGUN says:

    Thank you sooo much I will try this

  27. yoyomax12 says:

    Happy you enjoyed the recipe :)
    I do like hearing from people that try the recipes I post.

  28. Alison Bakerback says:

    vegetable shortening, it’s fattening either way

  29. Annabel Jayde says:

    Hello Yoyomax!! I just baked these cookies exactly as you directed, except for the fact that I omitted the white chocolate chips, because personally, i don’t like the taste, but OH MY GOODNESSS these were delicious as is!! I’ve been subscribed to you for almost a year now, and this is quite possibly the best chocolate cookie recipe I’ve ever tried! Thank you so much!
    Greetings from New Jersey

  30. Ruthey98 says:

    What can you use for a substitute for shortening? :)

  31. breeutiful12 says:

    will these still tast good without the chocolate chips??

  32. Tina Dang says:

    Say cat 3 times
    Clap your hands 5 times
    Post this to two other videos
    Check your voice

  33. Candy Smith says:

    I made these and they were a hit! Thanks for the recipe, yoyomax12!!

  34. Deadforeva says:

    i have everything BUT the shortening. ugh

  35. hedgie lim says:

    sigh, please take me with you >_<

  36. hedgie lim says:

    i love how you used no caps on the title ^_^

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