How to Make Christmas Gingerbread Cookies

How to Make Christmas Gingerbread Cookies

Get the full recipe: Music by Benjamin Sorenson:…

Every Christmas we children helped Mom make her Italian Christmas cookies. This is a fun recipe to prepare with children because the cookie dough is shaped l…

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  1. Dafni Elissa says:

    can I use caramel or honey instead of the treacle? I don’t find golden syrup where I live. thxs!

  2. CooksunitedUKTV says:

    Treacle is any uncrystallized syrup made during the refining of sugar. 

  3. CooksunitedUKTV says:

    yes it does of course.

  4. yfu1999m says:

    umm what’s treacle (i don’t live in America or Europe)

  5. reeya dale says:

    does the white icing set/harden?

  6. mesatop5 says:

    I know an Italian lady who ties the dough into little knots, deep-fries them, and sprinkles them with powdered sugar. Addicting!! Thanks for this recipe — it’s on my “to try” list.

  7. JustOneAsbesto says:

    Next time you make these you should make some into moebius strips.

    That would be totally mathematical!

  8. whitetrashcookingcom says:

    I’ve looked into Cannolis before. They require the purchase of special metal cannoli tubes, which I do not currently own. They are on my wish list and I’ll try to get to them some time in the near future. Thanks for the suggestion. —Dennis

  9. lakepurdy1 says:

    Can you show us how to make Cannolis; the shells and filling? thanks.

  10. shivani chauhan says:

    okay..i’ll try them as soon as i’m done searchin for sprinkles here.hope they turn out as they are supposed to be.

  11. whitetrashcookingcom says:

    I don’t think there would be any problem. These cookies don’t require anything special, other than cooking through. They don’t even need to brown. —Dennis

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