How to make Christmas cookies – How to make The Grinch that stole Christmas cookies

Today is a collaboration between myself & Cakes by Choppa Watch Choppa’s cake tutorial here: Welcome to todays vid…

In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make Colored Icing for Christmas Cookies. I used red and green colors in this icing. I used red, green, and white ic…

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  1. Montreal Confections says:

    Collaboration between myself & Cakes By Choppa we both made Grinch themed
    desserts. He made a cake & I made some cookies. Be such to watch both our
    tutorials. #christmas #dessert #tutorial #cake #cookies 

  2. CakesByChoppA says:

    You did amazing job! #TeamTastemade ! between yourself and +SweetAmbsCookies,
    i’m really keep to have a go at making some cookies!!
    thanks again for teaming up with me!

  3. Haniela's says:

    I love how this came together. It is magic to watch you work! Merry
    Christmas Marlyn.

  4. Debbi Culp Hook says:

    She’s simply amazing!

  5. Michele Brosseau says:

    You really did a great job depicting the Grinch, he looks really mean :-) 

  6. The Icing Artist says:

    Love the cookies! The detail in them is amazing!

  7. yoyo cupcaketwins says:

    Chopper sent me to watch this and I loved it

  8. Vanessa Salgado says:

    Can you do a 1D cookie please!!!!!
    I want to learn how to make one for my friends birthday :)
    Btw I love all your videos 

  9. Kayla Johnson says:

    The green you have for the wreath is the green for his fir. You need a
    darker green for the wreath.

  10. Debbie Williams says:

    Hi came to see your side of the work with choppa :) have now subscribed :) 

  11. Erica Medsker says:

    These are so fantastic! Great work!

  12. Terri Miller says:

    ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥~Sweet!~♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

  13. angelicmethod says:

    CakesbyChoppa sent me, but these are amazing! Subscribed :) 

  14. kayden castor says:

    Choppy sent me here

  15. nattensskrekk says:


  16. Michael McIntyre says:

    This is such a great technique I plan to use it.

  17. raguspug1 says:

    I love the grinch…guess I’m going to have to get an airbrush machine.
    Thanks for showing that technique.

  18. Amarylis Howard says:

    Choppa sent me

  19. Ashlie Berry says:

    No airbrosh

  20. Soozie Queue says:

    absolutely incredible. You’re amazing. I received my cookie cutters and
    I’ve tried a little to practice piping. I’m having trouble with the
    consistency though. Too stiff or too runny. I made sure the icing was
    holding a peak before I put it in the bag, but still lost its shape. (I was
    trying holly leaves with the leaf tip) had to adjust 3xs before I could get
    some of them to hold. The red for the berries ran all over the place!!
    LOL I’ll keep trying. You’re just too inspiring.

  21. Khushboo Bothra says:

    Is there another way I can transfer this image onto the wreath? I do not
    have a kopykake or the mesh… im in college


  22. Vered Gonzalez says:

    I love your work, do you have by any chance any my little pony 

  23. TriciaZ213 says:

    I love watching your videos! Your approach to decorating is always done in
    such a logical way, and your image transfer technique is ingenious!

  24. akc21589 says:

    What about eyebrows?

  25. patty reed says:

    is there a sketch we can download of the grinch

  26. Stephanie Garcia says:

    Betty… When your about to put your icing on your cookies what helped me
    no to mix colors I put it into a piping bag instead of using the knife
    maybe that with help you . Thank you love your videos

  27. kayone1805 says:

    Can this icing be used on shortbread cookies?

  28. clubpenguin1212100 says:

    wooww, it looks so shiny! :P

  29. Ukulele104 says:

    Can I use regular sugar instead of confectioner’s sugar?

  30. ShealNLilliROBLOX says:

    The red “icing” when you were putting it on the ornament looked like paint

  31. Betty's Kitchen says:

    The cookies are Vanilla Butter Cookies, which you will find here: –Betty :)

  32. roxanaefamily says:

    Hy i am sorry i am italian and i am not able to understand well the
    ingredients:could you write these?thanks a lot.Rossana

  33. Betty's Kitchen says:

    @MichelleBulgaria They are equally easy to work with. I think royal icing
    generally dries harder. –Betty :)

  34. FOOCHOOLA3 says:

    Hello. May I know how much water you added?

  35. Biebersgurl127 says:

    Do you know where you could get food coloring at? I think you can get it at
    any grocery store but im not 100% sure. I Love Your Recipes! :) Thank you
    for putting up these videos! :)

  36. bellebolingo says:


  37. amyslc93 says:

    I like your video, But i have a question about the icing…Will the icing
    melt?Because i want to keep my cookies in the jar, so i don;t want them to
    stick together and become very sticky~Pls help~

  38. JonetteTV says:

    heey could I use splenda instead?:)

  39. jennifer Reeder says:

    Bleach will remove the colors from your Counter Thank You

  40. 1pinkluvr1 says:

    Thanks! I can’t wait to try this but what should I do if its to watery? Add
    more sugar?

  41. amyslc93 says:

    @bettyskitchen Ok. Thank you so much~:)

  42. Supportahol says:

    They look fab.

  43. MaryE MCLea says:

    ty so good

  44. Tocowbell says:

    I was the first to view :D

  45. Betty's Kitchen says:

    @tnsabellacruiser Merry Christmas to you! I hope you have a great day!
    –Betty :)

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