How to Make Chocolate Mint Cookies

Get the recipe @ Watch how to make chewy chocolate cookies with a chocolate-mint topping. T…
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  1. says:

    Of course! Enjoy :)

  2. Ping Sritara says:

    Going to try this :P but I’ll reduce the sugar, is that ok?

  3. Sandy Chien says:

    Looks delicious :) thanks

  4. says:

    Absolutely! Chopped pecans would be delicious. We would recommend using about 1/2-1 cup of nuts. Let us know how the addition of nuts works in this recipe.

  5. ELLIE S says:

    can you put pecans to the  cookies

  6. Laura Biscaro says:

    why so much butter? why? ;s

  7. michelle williams says:

    i will be using this recipe

  8. wheeler1 says:

    hmmm… was expecting mint throughout

  9. lauradavis1975 says:

    looks like the chocolates had caramel in them

  10. Gabby Marie says:


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