How to make chocolate cookies

How to make chocolate cookies

How to make easy chocolate chip cookies – Great kids recipe, fun baking recipe – more baking recipes…
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  1. JohnPaul Dixon says:

    Hahahahaha,what a double act,lol.But you can tell I’m not a parent ’cause all I was thinking was,your girls’ gonna topple off that chair,haha.Caroline,do you have a recipe here for simple biscuits,rather than cookies,or is it the same basic recipe? Great video.

  2. matariki heat says:

    do you haveto put chocolate in sid it

  3. laurenlou18ify says:

    Your daughter is sooo adorable and polite! If only everyone was like this! :)

  4. laurenlou18ify says:

    Your daughter is sooo adorable and polite! If only everyone was like this! :)

  5. Caroline MiLi Artiss says:

    hehe, awww thanks!! Hope you tune in every week for more yummy recipes!! X

  6. Syaza Belieber says:

    she’s so cute <3 good Job!

  7. Caroline MiLi Artiss says:

    hello I’m from London :)

  8. Thisvideoiscrappy says:

    where are you from i am from united kingdom please answer i need to know

  9. Catherine Chen says:


  10. Hermione Mariah says:

    actually the professionals use their hands (very clean hands though) you get a better feel of the texture that you are looking for. the best bread makers for example never use machines or untensils.

  11. Gia Pilapil says:

    what did you do with the egg yolk?

  12. Carlota Sanchez says:

    if you have washed your hands prior to making the cookies it does not need to be unsanitary. Plus if you use utensils, where’s the fun in cooking with your daughter? Children like to get messy and have fun. There is no need to be unnecessarily picky.

  13. shanooxxx says:

    Um u can use oil cuz when i dont have butter, i use oil so yes u can but not too much they’ll turn ekky

  14. Caroline MiLi Artiss says:

    yes you can use dark brown sugar, it will alter the taste slightly though but will still taste nice :) X

  15. Caroline MiLi Artiss says:

    hello, I haven’t tried it with oil before and I don’t think it will work?

  16. halima sayed says:

    and can we replace the butter with oil please answer

  17. halima sayed says:

    can we use dark brown sugar cuz thats what i have

  18. jaci plata says:

    is it ok if i use brad flour couse i dont have one of does flour ?????

  19. dulcelove109 says:

    Such a beautiful mother/daughter bonding moment

  20. joliver486 says:

    Cute :) 

  21. La Tú Anh says:

    i love your accent!! <3

  22. jose morales says:

    There’s no need to use your bare hands!! That is not only unsanitary but also unnecessary. There are utensils that help you to mix it. Also you may do the mixing with a regular kitchen spoon. All in all is a lot of fun making chocolate cookies with you fam. thanks for the inspiration.

  23. D.Eva Bugovska says:

    Hi guys.Love your recipe.You are soooo good.I don’t know why 4 people hate your video.Just ignore them.They just think all about bullshit.You are perfection.I am 12 and can Bethany be my friend?Love your videos.Keep it up!!!Xoxoxoxo!!!!

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