How to Make Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

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  1. kristine faraidon says:

    Hi. I did run out if butter but I used vegetable shortening instead. It
    came out crunchy/soft. Is that would change anything? Thanks

  2. Fatima Harb says:

    How much cookies does this make????? 

  3. sawaira alisha says:

    i cant wait to try it out

  4. maria glambert says:

    I’ll try this…so easy thanks

  5. shuktika maheshwari says:

    They are too good. Absolutely delicious :) Thanks.

  6. kristine faraidon says:

    It did taste great. All my workers at home loved them. :) thanks it’s made
    them day. 

  7. Lauren says:

    just finished baking these today! this is an awesome recipe!! Thanks :D 

  8. Aminath Minha says:

    I love your recipes. They r foolproof

  9. Allrecipes says:

    Thanks for your question. Yes you can try replacing half of the white sugar
    with packed brown sugar. Enjoy :)

  10. Allrecipes says:

    You are welcome! Glad you liked them Anjyy!

  11. Jennifer capitulo says:

    Everytime you say a “pinch of salt” how much exactly is that?

  12. Betty Fann says:

    Can I leave out the chocolate chips to just have a chocolate cookie?

  13. Allrecipes says:

    To make the cookies crunch all the way, bake these at room temperature, and
    make the cookies slightly smaller, so they bake all the way through.

  14. Lara Duff says:

    These look awesome!! Can I use half melted chocolate and half Cocoa powder?

  15. tanstephanie31 says:


  16. missnatasha2011 says:

    Can I use unsweetened coco powder?

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