How to Make Chocolate Chip Cookies – You’re Doing It All Wrong

Everyone loves chocolate chip cookies, but baking them from scratch can be tricky. Even a tiny misstep can result in dried-out, crumbly, hard-as-rock cookies. Follow these simple rules to bake chocolate chip cookies the right way, every time. Didn’t know that you were doing it wrong? To avoid any future mistakes, bone up with a few more You’re Doing It All Wrong videos: Subscribe to CHOW: For more recipes, stories and videos, check out CHOW on Twitter: CHOW on Facebook: ========================================================
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  1. FindTheRightWords says:

    Im pretty sure you could get both for under $20 if you look in the right place

  2. MrSideliner says:

    Raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies are the main reason I have trust issues

  3. Jade FitzPatrick says:

    Ooooooh… Asain lady said a bad word… I’m telling mom…

  4. chriskellyangell says:

    Her flour measuring technique is still prone to error. Get a digital scale and weigh the flour. Then dump the exact amount in a sifter and sift the flour into the bowl. This incredibly simple technique is painless.  You can get a scale and a sifter for under $40, and you can even skip the sifter part.

  5. RickyHippo says:

    If you’re a likewhore, and if you spell everything like you’re texting, and even worse, having no sign of intelligence anywhere, you’re doing it all wrong.

  6. Sandy o'rourke says:

    i know

  7. Omii Bee says:

    This must have been a bitch to clean up

  8. StrawberrySouhi says:

    I don’t have mixer problems… I do it all by hand. Comes out perfectly every time

  9. Diana Ram says:

    what the hell is that!?
    i dont even…..

  10. 21CUVI says:

    aint nobody got time for that!

  11. lilly love says:

    Thank you for this video! Now i know where i have when wrong!

  12. Jennifer O'Brien says:

    this has more chocolate than cookie….. your doing it wrong.

  13. kyraaah16 says:

    Ugh, their ‘wrongs’ need to stop being so over exaggerated!

  14. Cayden Tomlinson says:

    00:36 because right is a bite in ur sandwich…

  15. LohengrinTh says:


  16. FelixPheonix says:

    Hey , I was actually NOT doing it wrong. I guess it’s confirmed that I know what I’m doing.

  17. qi09cpry says:

    It is called chocolate chip COOKIE!!! Not chocolate…

  18. asdfopera says:

    my chocolate chip cookies taste good, but they’re usually ugly.

  19. sarah abdallah fayed says:

    i always fail in making cookies

  20. Rachel Allred says:

    UM, then why’d you click on this video? Are you nuts. Didn’t the title how to make chocolate chip cookies give you a sign that she would tell you how to make cookies in the video?

  21. kentownage says:

    i did it this way bitch

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