How to Make CHEWY SMORES COOKIE BAR, Pizza Cookie (Like BJ’S Pizookie) – CookwithApril

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  1. Naia Casaus says:

    Make a cake in a mug

  2. Ashley S says:

    Diabetes in a pan

  3. MySummerButterfly BMSongs says:

    April, do you know any subsitute for the shortening? Thanks.

  4. Nouf Subaie says:

    Can you write the Materials 

  5. jeopardyinsane says:

    @Lalaa Hernandez Porque we muy simplemente pero muy bien

  6. chellie104 says:

    “Can I try it? I wanna try.” Lol at Justin! I’ve made this like 3 times and I loveeeee it!! My bf and I devour this all the time!!!

  7. jasmine sinlao says:

    This looks super good!

  8. Priscilla Deleon says:

    After calculating all the calories, each slice for a serving of 8 is 844 calories!

  9. Makeup2Vanity says:

    He must be so happy to have a wife that cooks amazing all time lol

  10. Vimaylau says:

    Make a tutorial on how to crack an egg with one hand! D: I can’t do it

  11. Karissa Voida says:

    I made a brownie in a mug and it was amazing!!! And you can eat the batter because there is no egg!

  12. Jung Roo says:

    I just wish to cook this

  13. marccandrift says:

    Vanilla ice cream on top would be perfect!

  14. Melody Strong says:

    Do you have to add toffee or walnuts???

  15. giraffezarenice says:


  16. reemishaq123 says:

    Yummmy xoxo

  17. A Eloisa says:

    i looooveeee how u put the ingrents and the kitchen supplies along with amazonnnn :) loooveee ittt

  18. Beautybaby716 says:

    I made this and it tastes so good

  19. Lalaa Hernandez says:

    Siiempre el come pero nunca hace nada ni ayuda a preparar…. ;D

  20. shopgirlfaith says:

    love the vedios what do you do with all the food you bake , i raised a son so i could bake every day and his friends and he would eat it all i miss that ……. i have three grandaughters now they like to bake.

  21. crazychild250 says:

    i like justin’s hair like this lol

  22. varsh rain says:

    Omg! I wil try this on ..yummi

  23. Anna Bloom says:

    Ok that was a stupid question

  24. Anna Bloom says:

    Do I hate to add the walnuts and toffee ? I don’t have that

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